The Infamous Hard Alley

The Infamous Hard Alley
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Monday, January 31, 2011

The School Girls Gone Bad Detention Facility Anniversary

This week marks the 4th anniversary of the School Girls Gone Bad Detention Facility.

I built the School in Jan, 2007, about six months after I started Hard Alley.  At that time Hard Alley had become a fairly big success and was at the top of the Popular Places list.  I was hoping to prove to myself that Hard Alley had not just been a fortunate accident, and that I could create another site that was as successful as the Alley.

After a lot of thinking and searching to find an idea that no one else had tried, I settled on the idea of a "Reform School for Girls".  The idea came from my RL Boss' daughter, who was in reform school at the time.  She was a hottie and I could imagine her in there, being traded for cigarettes.  Of course, school girl outfits are a big plus, too.  Cheerleaders, sex with teachers, spankings, abusive guards... it all started to add up to a really great idea.

They must be bad, or they wouldn't be here.
At the time, I was married in game to Ananisa Fitzcarraldo, and she was after me to build something on her land for her to run.  Since I didn't have room for the new idea on the Alley's land, I built it on Ana's.  The initial build was more prison than school, with barred cells and detention rooms and places for guards to strip-search visitors.

It started slow, but I knew it was an idea that would catch on, so I kept working on it and improving it, and more and more people started to come.  It wasn't long before it had as much traffic, if not more, than Hard Alley.  The proof of its success was, as with Hard Alley, the number of copy-cat sites that began to spring up around SL.

I lost the School to Ana in our divorce and I have had very little to do with it since then, but it is still there and people are still enjoying it.  I re-created it in my own sim as the Hard Alley Reform School, which is closer to my original vision than SGGBDF is today.

Happy Anniversary!

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Hard Core Boss Lady said...

I've been going to the Det. Facility way before landing in HA. Congrats on the anniversary. Will there be a party?