The Infamous Hard Alley

The Infamous Hard Alley
Second Life's Original Sin

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Thoughts on Drama

Drama is going to happen.  Fuck it.

Who are the players in a drama?

The Combatants:  These are the primary cause of the drama, dragging their arguments out for everyone to enjoy.

The Bystanders:  These are the people that get caught in the crossfire and are dragged into the drama unwittingly.

The Observers:  The people who are not part of the drama but can't turn away from it.

The Gangbangers:  The ones who aren't part of the initial drama, but jump into it, taking sides and making it a much bigger mess.

The Arbitrators:  Those who try to bring the drama to a close.  Usually neutral.

Bitches need to be put in their place!
SL is like RL.  It has drama.  Not everyone is going to get along with everyone else.  Personalities conflict.  Some people will like you.  Some won't.  Realistically, there's no avoiding it.  Everyone will be involved directly in drama at some point unless they are completely cut off from all other people.

The question is, how will you handle it?

Are you the Combatant?  If so, will you fight to your "dying breath" and never surrender until the other party is beaten and humiliated?  Is that a victory to you?  Will you decide that the drama is not worth the time you spend on it, and mute and move on?  Did you just let the other party "win"?

Putting the Bitch in her place!
If you aren't the Combatant, what role will you play?  Gangbanger?  Do you feel the need to plunge into the fray and make YOUR feelings heard?  Are you that wise, that you feel your arguments will suddenly bring the conflict to closure, or do you just see a good fight and want to be part of it?  Do you see friends on both sides and want to be the Arbitrator help them all get along?  Will you keep your opinions to yourself and quietly Observe the drama as it unfolds, popcorn in hand?

How you handle drama says more about you than the drama itself.  In most cases, all the original arguments are lost as everything devolves into "he said, she said" arguments that always go nowhere.  By the time the dust settles, no one really cares, no one has "won", and everyone is left with a bad taste in their mouth.  Think about the part you play.  Is anyone's SL (or RL) going to be a better place because of it?

I've had my share of drama.  I'm not proud of how I've handled it.  I hope to live and learn and do better next time.  Only time will tell if I am successful.  (for those of you reading the captions under the pictures, it's a joke!)

Drama? Fuck it.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Married at Last!

November 11, 2010... a date which will live in infamy.

We finally did it.  We finally got everyone online and in game at the same time and managed to pull them together and beat the SL lag monster!  We had a small wedding with Sufferingfrom Lockjaw officiating and it was a very nice ceremony.  It was short, sweet, and with just a bit of humor thrown in.  Only one person (the best man, Stroker Serpentine) dropped his pants.  lol.

No video taken, so it won't be on, but there were a lot of pics taken and they can be viewed Here and Here.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween at Hard Alley!

We had a great time at Hard Alley's 5th Annual Halloween Party.  There were some great costumes and the night before we had Ghost Story Night at the Cemetary which was a blast.  There was plenty of nudity and naughtiness and DJ Trix kept us rocking with some great music.  Here are a few pics from the weekend's events.  You can find the rest on the Hard Alley Flickr site.