The Infamous Hard Alley

The Infamous Hard Alley
Second Life's Original Sin

Friday, December 16, 2011


Merry Christmas!  After the success of our first Hardcore Hunt, the lovely Naiya Valeska has outdone herself by organizing a XXX-Mas hunt that's even bigger and better!  Naiya has worked her ass off to get this hunt ready for you and it all begins DECEMBER 17, 2011!

We will be hosting a HUGE kickoff party/Christmas Party on the 17th.  The party starts at 6PM SL time at BarbieDollz, home of Tempestuous (one of the Hunt Designers who makes some amazing jewelry), and moves to Hard Core (located in beautiful Hard Alley) at 8PM.  The party won't stop until the last person passes out!

Cum celebrate Christmas and the start of this Hunt with a bang!  Landmark givers for both clubs are located at both sims or you can IM Hard Rust for them!

As before, stores participating are always subject to change.  People have emergencies and might need to drop out.  I am sure we all most of us understand Real Life supersedes Second Life.

NOTE:  When you enter the first sim which will be Hard Alley you will land in the skybox above the actual sim.  There will be a "HardCore XXX-Mas Hunt" sign teleporter up there.  Just touch it to get teleported down to the Alley.


This list will be updated as often as possible to provide you with up to date information.  Please bookmark this page and check here first before posting questions in group.  IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS OR NEED HINTS, join the HARD ALLEY GANG group and post your questions there.


1. Hard Alley
HardCore Sluts Association
Hint: Slide your ass onto a stool and tell me your deepest secrets, while I pour you a strong one.
2. Carrie's Lingerie
Hint: On a cold winter night the sky is often CRYSTAL clear.
3. Spirit Store
Hint: Xmas is comming
Spirit Store
4. Krasota
Hint:Grab one of the candies
 5. Purpur
Hint:on the top of white...
 6. KristicA
Hint:check up the walls
 7. Vassnia
Hint: walk from the entrance to the right, keep walking till you find the KINKY&SEXY area of the store.
8. Innovation Corp
Hint: Whats for dinner... Santa?
Innovation Corp
 9. Innovation Games
Hint: You Devil!!! Go Hunt for your gift!!!!
Hint:  " see the terrace "
11. Tempestuous
Hint: "Among the snow an Angel sleeps and dreams of her last kiss
        Around the trees she gently fades to die amongst the mist."
12. Razorblade Jacket
Hint:Check out the new skirts
13. Love Interiors
Hint: Ooooo we do like to be beside the seaside!
14. LK Design
Hint: Illuminated
15. SA
Hint: sometimes its right in front of your face
16. Roosters & cHix
Hint: What a Child hunts for on Christmas morn, when tiny hands gnash, clash and throw them presents about, they turn and see, a sweet and sticky surprise high up in that tree...
17. Serenity Creations
Hint: Its Not a Box
18. Ol' Dirty Bastards
Hint: Look Up :D
19. zORIE's Ritze Gestures
Hint:  Rollercoaster
20. Beautiful Dirty Rich
Hint: :O looks like the elephants forgot to bring your gift
21. Captivity Co. Poses
Hint:" She's got legs"
22.  Stone Misery
Hint: Look at all those paintings on the wall...
23. Fierce Designs
Hint: oooh...naughty AND nice!
Fierce Designs
 24. Purple Poses
Hint: a red curtain can hide many desires.
25. Sweet Sin
Hint: have more candy .... find the right
26. SilVerLine
Hint: Have a look on the floor ..... it s inside the store area
27. Bound & Bitten
Hint: Multi Hunt Hint giver at TP landing
28. Splash
Hint: find many ears to hear better...
29. [NV] Elite Skins
Hint: The pandas would be pointing in the right direction.
30. Thirteenth
Hint: use my machine baby
31. Shadow Dreams
Hint: eat who on what?????
32. Kabuki Creations
Hint: Feels like a King (Top floor, nawty room)
Hint: Must be exhausting to look for all those gifts....sit and relax!
34. D&R Designs
Hint: After looking around the shops "Go on up past the flag and look around inside...but remember that Buddha *loves* candy, so you won't find a cane in any room where he's sitting!"
35. Before Sleep
Hint: Is that bear wearing a hat??
36. D'Sastre Clothing
Hint: All gifts are near the tree.
37. Gifted Poses and Witlle Gifts Poses
Hint: Amour's Diary
38. Dark Desires Custom Tattoos
Hint: Will have hint giver on sign
39. Sinister Stuff
Hint: We must build from the ground up
40. ..::RO!ACT::..DESIGNS
Hint:  I hide between Cathedrals
41: Framed Soul
Hint: im jus gunna go upstairs and hide in a corner!
42. PeKaS Designs Gorean
Hint: look on the big pics around the store
43. Xia's Boutique
Hint: Behind this piercing all by itself.
44. iRRegular iNventory
No Hint
45. Nocturnal Needs
Hint: Dont look the tiger in his eye.
46. [AhMuSeD XpresNz]
No Hint
Hint: Please click the hint giver on the Embody Info Center near the front of the store.
48. .:Pretty Little Things:.
Hint: Find Santa for your little helpers.
Hint: The Spanish queen is so hot.
50. Erotic Torment
Hint: Doctor Frankenfurter said: "Come up to the ___ and see what's on the ___." (fill in the blanks) ;-)
Hint: Suspended by chain... I wish that were me!
52. Pretty Lady
Hint: possibly:  Are you one of Santa's Naughty little elf's??
53. HybridZ
Hint: where the cool winds blow
 54. Irrisistible Shop
Hint: I'm late !!!!!!!! I'm always late for go to the queen heart castle :o
55. PDN's Potpourri
Hint: How can the blankets be naughty and nice?
PDN's Potpourri
56. Kennedy's
Hint: Gift Cards work for Everyone!
57. ZERO COOL  Designz
"It's cold at the Nordpole!"
58. Lushish Catz
Hint: Cute pink kitty
Lushish Catz
 59. BlueMoon Creations
Hint: The naughty mistress got it
60. Hot Dolphin Love Animations
Hint: Don't stand on me!
61. Z&A Productions
Hint: You'll feel at home if you have a green thumb.
62. zibber's designs
Hint: keep your grappling paws off me.
Hint: With this hot set you will conquer the world  and a few girls too.
 64. BOS Clothing & Lingerie
Hint: The Nightwitch knows!
65. The Family Jewels
Hint: i get sleepy looking into the fire in the fireplace
66. Les sucreries de Fairy
Hint: I love Cheshire Cat
67. Touch it!
Hint:You look for something very hot, don't you? Is hell fire hot enough?
68. Lok's Low Prim Furniture
Hint: Sweet Naughtiness is sometimes the best naughtiness, and that's why you'll find this candy cane nestled in a heart bed.
69. Janzoe
Hint: Light a fire behind the organ
70. ~*~Souzou Eien~*~
Hint: Don't Choke!
71. Dani's
Hint: I just love Burlesque Santa especially if they are Red.
Hint: I am where my dreams are
73. New York's Finest Apparel
Hint: Santa has a naughty or nice list, I am nice n naughty and need to be Oh La La Spanked
74. Theme Walkers By Hax
Hint: Tis the season
75. Touch Mia
Hint:  This one is 'Just For You'
76. Adult Style
No Hint
77. IB Designs
Hint: As you look out over the bay, you'll find hidden below