The Infamous Hard Alley

The Infamous Hard Alley
Second Life's Original Sin

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Below is a posting from Naiya Valeska, organizer of the HardCore Hunt!

"Hey HardCore Hunters This is Naiya, I came up with this fantastic idea to get some stores involved in something a little naughty for a change promoting their stores and Hard Alley.  We have an amazing list of designers from clothing, tattoos, animations, furniture, and even gestures we hope you will have as much fun hunting as I had putting this together for you.

I also had a lot of help from the amazing Maezy, which she is involved in the hunt too as one of the stores she has donated a lot of her time effort and made you all something special, also we cannot forget the owner of Hard Alley itself, Mr. Hard Rust, a very amazing man who has decided to host this hunt and have multiple events during the hunt for everyone's "Pleasure."  [I like this part.  Notice the word "amazing"!  *grins*]

Now there will be a list of hints, landmarks, store names going out in the group for the hunt which is (Hard Alley Gang) please join for help, no outright asking for locations, be respectful and no fighting. Also for ANY and ALL Questions and concerns contact me NOT the designers they are busy and have other things to do I will try my best to help you. 

Knowing all this I am sure you have all heard that X-cite! is participating and I know all of you are super excited this is X-Cites first hunt. Unfortunately and I understand it's not like they need the traffic so because they have very busy busy schedules they were nice enough to contribute to the hunt another way. They sent me a good number of gift cards and we will have "4" events hosted at the Hard Core Sex and Strip Club, and on these nights there will be contests and a lucky winner will receive one gift card.  I understand you all wanted your own personal gift from X-cite! but if you own a store or know somebody that does, you know they get super busy, and it was very generous of them to make this donation.

NOW: Just a reminder stores participating are always subject to change people have emergencies and might need to drop. We all understand Real Life supersedes Second Life. [Real Life?  What is this "Real Life"?]

ALSO: Another side note when you enter the first sim which will be Hard Alley you will land in the skybox that leads down to the actual sim.  There will be a "HardCore Hunt" sign teleporter up there.  Just touch it to get teleported down to the Alley and there you will find a box with this list and the promo package for the hunt which is 2 different colored tank tops.  They are unisex and FREE! Check this blog for updates and changes."

There will be parties at Hard Core starting with a bash this Friday night, Sep 16, to kick off the Hunt! Other party dates will be the Sep 24, Oct 7, and Oct 16.

UPDATE! Stroker Serpentine from Eros has donated his hot selling SexGen Summer Bed as a prize! This will be given out during the final HardCore Hunt party on Oct 16!



0. Hard Alley START
Click the Huge Sign!!!! (TP down to the sim)

1. KL BDSM Store
Try looking in another direction "Whores not Wars"

4. Elite Skins & Shapes *::[NV]::*
Something in her mouth

5. .::ClimMax::. Magazine
Reach your climax inside the Rubix cube

6. .::ClimMax::. Store
it hurts

7. Warm Animations
next to the MM Board

When opening a P_ _ _ _ _ _S box, there is always a consequence.
Tempestuous Prize for Ladies
Tempestuous Prize for Guys

9. ...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::...
I wanna F*ck Government Hooker

10. LK Design
Three of a kind, is where it's hidden behind

11. Alter Ego
I really dont think Spunk needs to drink anymore!!!!

12. [VoiD] (SKIP)

13. SeXXXieGesTures
Look Over, UNDER, and Above :)

14. Holli Pocket
Bottles are great for accessorizing higher beams!!

15. CatniP (SKIP)

16. SilVerLine
Have a Look on the floor ... its inside the stor area :)

18. Xclusives Animations
If you are looking for something hard,
Maybe ANAL or DOGGY is right up your Alley.
But when you get there be careful of what you do,
Someone might TAP THAT ASS for you.

19. *RoTtEn DeFiAnCe*
naughty girls have to sit in the corner.

21. Kennedy's
Even though summer is almost over....Check out Kennedy's bikinis....and you might find your gift!

So manny boxes and only 1 bootle? Damn...i really need get drunk.

24. BabyDoll's Sexy Lingerie
What you seek is with the leather and latex

25. Carrie's Lingerie
Grab a handful and show your support of Carrie's!

26. Xplicit Furnishings
' Lost something?...i always check the fridge '

27. Vels Gothic Boutique
I blend into the sky

28. "xXx"Treme Fashion Designs
The lights shows you the way to the safe side on naughtiness.

29. Cynful Designs
The view from here is spectacular!

30. Fallen Gods Inc. & Libertine
No Hint

31. v3 Tattoo
Don't Drink and Ride

32. {Ms. B. Designs}
OH YEAH, I like it hardcore!

33. ChiXcksMayB
where there is smoke.....

34. Lok's Low Prim Furniture
In sand, go to the picnic table and you will be able
to spot the naughty gift that's sure to give your tool a lift.
Or if you're of the female sex; you might just have a panty mess ;)

36. MadScience Laboratories
"I'm on a boat, motherfuckers!"

37. Sassy!
You're such a tease.

38. HardCore Sluts Assoc. / House Of Ill Repute (At Hard Alley, in the Club & Brothel)
Hint for Gift A: Fucking dammit, bartender has been drinking on the job AGAIN? And the special edition shit too.

Hint for Gift B: One minute I was dancing drunkenly on the poles, the next minute, my face was buried in the middle of the pillows on that filthy bed up there! Damn, he was HUGE!

39. zORIE'S Ritze Gestures
Walk through the mushrooms to the Naughty

40. Motherfunken
Look hard to flush out the prize!

41. Bound & Bitten
Look in Sex equipment room for the prize

42. -=Whitewolf Ink Tattoos=-
Some dragons guard a treasure more worthy then gold

43. Devilish Designs
Plants give oxygen.... and FREE stuff too :P

44. EDELFABRIK Sexy forever!
Naughty girls and boys waiting in the corners...

I am in a very sexy place.

47. FuK'N'Hawt
Like ya momma always use to say "dunt sit to close or make your eyes go blind"

48. Bullwinkle (SKIP)

49. Captivity Co. Poses
you cant find me hanging around

50. << Barbie Bitch >> (SKIP)

51. DQ Skins
Next to the eyes!

Do not forget to checkout register

53. PlasticAcid
I want to be naughty but I best be good

54. Shadow Dreams
it's mine... allllll mine!

55. RoscaMade
Time flies when you're bombing everyone
NOTE!  If you found Item #55 (Roscamade) previous to Oct 3rd, the item you got is broken.  Please send a notecard to Calvin Rosca with your name (not display name) as the notecard name, and you will receive a working replacement.   You could also come back to Hard Alley and pick up a new one by getting the bottle again.

56. Hard Alley END

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