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The Infamous Hard Alley
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Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Sexiest Awards

First, let me thank Emanuelle Jameson for coming up with the idea and working so hard to produce the first awards program for the SL Adult Film community.  She did a wonderful job and has been a true inspiration to the entire community with her creativity, enthusiasm, and kindness.

You can read about the winners here --->

Let me also thank the Judges, who worked a lot of hours watching a lot of porn (harder than it sounds).  Each of them gave of their time and did a wonderful job in giving their honest evaluation of each movie in each category.  I can assure you that they were all fair and impartial, and none of them were "bought" or "gotten to" as a couple of people have implied.

For those of you who don't like the job I did managing the judging, YOU handle it next time and give up nominating your own movies as I did (which was very unfair to Candace, since she did an outstanding job in my opinion and deserved as much recognition as any other actress).  Candace, you will ALWAYS be my Best Actress!

Thank you to all the nominees!  The movies were all very good and deserving of recognition and they should all be proud of the work they have produced, even if it didn't win an award.

Now...  the drama.

Sore losers... sour grapes... whiney little bitches...

I was very disappointed, but unfortunately not surprised, when the bitching started even before the ceremony was over.  Crying and whining and moaning about unfairness and pouting and quitting the group all smacks of immaturity and unprofessionalism.

Did you ever stop to think that maybe you didn't deserve to win?  That maybe someone else created a better movie?  Duh!  Suck that ego in for a moment and let that thought sink in.   I'll wait.

Do you want to win an award?  Then work hard and be innovative and try to improve and add something new to the community.  Otherwise just don't enter your movie.  Then no one can tell you that you aren't the best.

In other words, "Grow Up."  No one likes a sore loser.  This community is sick of the whining and drama.

To end on a positive note, I would like to quote some of the comments the judges made.  I will not say which judge said what, but I think you should all hear what they had to say.

"Great combination of picture and music. I've never seen someone playback in SL before!"

"A talkie! And what a great voice that narrator has. Great movie!"

"The video-editing is awesome. Brilliant! The images tell the story."

"The voice makes the movie, great idea."

"Thin story but a nice dialogue at times. Hot!"

"Lovely movie, nice storyline, good work!"

And next year's will be even better.


Alexus said...

Congrats Hard! I'm sure it was a hard work and the ceremony was good. The best of all, we didn't crash until after the ceremony haha.

I didn't won, but i accept those things happens when you join a contest. It's like a bet. The important is that everyone knows the quality of their own work.

I want to highlight the recognition to Kathrein Henhouse. She deserved it, because probably is the first pornstar of SL. I'm glad that i shared the table with her.

Anonymous said...

I wuv you! <3

We both didn't expect the drama to be this bad but we both aren't surprised. You can't expect much from people who live through a virtual reality game.

Fuck the haters!

Anonymous said...

Well as far as my category goes. I knew which picture was best and it wasn't mine.

They did a wonderful job and I am blessed with the results.

It truely was a honor to be nominated.

Thank you all.
Luv Nikita

Amykins said...

Fully agree with ya hard I would say more on why but I've already told one of the people what I thought and that's good enough :) excellent work every one the judges the two sexy ladies on the stage and to Ema and everyone else who set this up and to EVERYONE for all their movies the actresses and actors directors great work and I look forward to working with some of you in the future :)

Quinn Ying said...

The work of the judges has been great, and deserves our regognition and our gratitude for the generous effort they put in it, and the service they gave to the community.

We expected that these awards would have promoted quality, and in my opinion they served their purpose *perfectly*.

Because I think that through their choices all the SL porn community will benefit a recognition that sooner or later will come even from outside SL.

I'm personally happy to have been nominated with three of my films, but I'm *proud* of the films and the persons that have been awarded, because through them I feel myself represented in the best way possible.

I feel so sorry for you Hard, these situations help to show the nature of each one of us...
Not being awarded for our work can lead to two possible choices: go back at work and improve, or find a reason to save our ego to any cost, even by stressing people we call friends with drama and the worse part of our feelings.

I'm confident that through this situation we will come out even stronger and grow as a community, because through every even little work we do we help promoting an innovative culture and lifestyle, and some day all of this will be a part of history.

Hard, I appreciate and reapect the work of you and your judges unconditionally, and I'm happy and proud to have you in my friendlist.

All my Love and best things

HaileyMarie Redrose said...

Bottom line...the benefits of this show far outweighed the obvious (and unavoidable) cons. There has been negative talk in hushed tones since before the show took place, which has angered and frustrated several people whom I will not name here. But they're justified in being upset. This is nonsense.

That being said, I'm proud of this approach to the community. It's a great one. People are coming up with excellent ideas to make things better, and that's inspirational.

Thorgal McGillivary said...

This was such a cool event... I loved it and wanna thank all people involved for their hard work. I was surprised and thankful to be nominated 3 times and even more surprised to actually win an award... thanx all! and remember guys and girls - its all pixels and fun... or at least it should be... now who do I need to fuck to win best film nxt year? (and please, please, please dont let it be Hard...)

Aurelia Lionheart said...

I was also very proud to be in 3 nominated movies and so very proud that Thorgal actually won one. We talked about it a lot and did not expect to win.

I think it's unbelievable that people would lower themselves to whining and bitching. It's an award show as in COMPETITION. You will always have losers and winner.
If you're only in for the win, then I think you need to take a good look in the mirror and ask yourself why you need to be a winner so bad.

Great job Hard!

Rayven Baily said...

I have to admit, I had a huge grin on my face when I heard the news. Then again, if you didn't see this coming you are blind. It's easy to point the finger at this person for their actions, but how did it get to this point? Certain people have been feeding this ego for a while now. He makes a movie - same people all rush to NM to comment and rate it. He wants attention you all give him bowls of it. Whatever he does good or bad you are their to stroke his ego. He pulled the trigger, but some of you loaded the gun.

Funny thing is this. I was talking to Serenity about the show. I told her in a joking matter "The the person in question is going to blog how you cheated" Two minutes later I go to the blog. Bingo, I was right! Then again how does he even know he was 2nd? He could of been 5th.

The signs were all there about this person's actions. A few weeks ago they created a Mario Brothers trailer on NM (which is still on the site)just to flame me and say I was the reason Serenity beat him in the online poll. They also left comments on my movies taunting me to "blog them" they wanted to be more popular.

Popular in what sense? You mean more attention from your "friends".

So "friends" it's time you all pick up a dust pan and broom and clean up the mess... or is it just time to walk away separating yourself from the monster you created.

Sleepy Umia said...

I was not present for the event but I must give Emanuelle and Hard TONS of credit for doing the hard work along with the judges. We should not enter contests with the 100% notion of only to "win" because that is selfish. We should enter to "support" our group and team. I feel that we are all "winners" because we all work hard to develop and keep the porn stars group going and going.

I didn't win anything but I am pleased and happy that I was at least nominated for two areas and there will be a next year! =) Til then, we should all do what we do best and let the party continue! =D

Pixie said...

Thank you to all involved for a fun competition and event.

Was very happy to receive four nominations and one win.

Looking forward to 2011 to create more films, simply for the sake of creating.

Winning an award is nice. I like it. But the excitment wears off pretty quickly. The joy of creating for its own sake is a lot more enduring and rewarding.

Thanks again :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you to everybody involved in this amazing event. You made a bunch of people very happy. Also i hope the upshot of this event will be seen in the year to come running up to the second awards show.

With Actors seeking quality roles, and producers evolving towards a high class of production. I feel we are in for the best year yet in SL porn.

Thank you on a personal note for everybody's kind words and support. I have been really moved by every comment and IM. I will not forget those who have been so generous and thoughtful.

Kisses & Hugs.

Hard Rust said...

Scooby wanted to leave a comment here, but since his comment had nothing to do with the blog topic, and was instead a personal attack on another member of the community, I have decided not to publish it.

Ray Lonergan said...

Though it was dropped, I was looking forward to winning the greatest newcomer ever to grace a video in 2010.
I would have been a modest in my victory, and remembered to thank God, the Academy and all the little people I stepped on to get it...