The Infamous Hard Alley

The Infamous Hard Alley
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Monday, August 30, 2010

Girls I'd Love to Fuck List 2010

A while back I listed the girls I'd most love to fuck, both in Real Life and in Second Life.  I think it's time to update that list for 2010. *grins*  Let's start with Real Life.  I'll never actually get to fuck any of these women, but it's nice to dream.

In No Particular Order...

Kim Kardashian - That ass alone earns her a spot on this list.
Jessica Alba - Always a favorite.
Christian Serratos - Her PETA poster is my all time favorite.
Megan Fox - Seriously.  Who wouldn't fuck that?
Kristen Bell - She's just too cute.  I'm waiting for her career to tank so she'll do Playboy.
Eliza Dushku - Sooner or later she will get a series that shows her true talents!
Olivia Munn - G4's best contribution to the male gaming community.
Kaley Cuoco - Hot blonde from Big Bang Theory.  She fucks GEEKS!
Ashlynn Brooke - Hottest porn star in videos today.  I just wish she did anal!
Jennifer Love Hewitt - The woman has curves, and dammit, I love curves.

Now for the girls in Second Life that I would love to fuck!  SOME of these girls are ones that I already have fucked, but would not hesitate to fuck again!  If you are NOT on this list, do not be upset!  The list of girls I want to fuck in SL is much longer than 10.  Again, these are not in any particular order.

Candace Flossberg - She has my heart, and can have my cock anytime she wants it.
Emanuelle Jameson - SL's most famous and sexy porn star, and a sweetheart, too!
Aspen Huntress - Her Flickr pics are hot, and so is she! UPDATE!  I FUCKED ASPEN HUNTRESS!
Trixianna Saenz - She's gorgeous, sexy, and one of my best friends!
Carmen Greenfield - Sexy star of our second porn video and super hot slut!
Jade Steele - Owner of Midian City and smoking hot babe.  Together we'd make Hard Steele.
Megzi Babii - She still won't give in to my charms.  But someday she will.
Yulia Juran - I've been wanting her since I met her, but something always keeps us apart.
Cipriana Diavolo - Another girl who has resisted me for so long... but I am persistant.
Zanara Zenovka - Sexy Aussie and scripter extraordinaire... and she has a nice ass.

I will not rest until I have fucked each of these women!  (along with the rest of the women in Second Life)


Anonymous said...

Hehe kool list!

Lorna Kanami said...

I am not Anonymous!!

Hope I am in there somewhere hehe

Megzi Babii said...

Haahaa! didn't expect to be in here ;D nah... did really.

Anonymous said...


Ainsley said...

What, I'm not good enough for you?! I'm hurt, Hard. Very hurt. LMAO

Anonymous said...

some of us are glad not to be on that list

Hard Rust said...

Those that are glad not to be on the list aren't worth fucking. :)

Kareen Jaggernov said...

MMM Hard - i am not on the list ?
... so you have to wait until 2011

Anonymous said...

Well I'm pretty damn glad I made the list and that I'm NUMBER ONE! lol
<3 <3 <3

No said...

You should totally have Paulina James on that list. She's incredible. I fell in love with her all because of one scene in Not The Bradys XXX. You should check her out.

Toxie said...

awww....if i was a guy id so agree with your list.. but im almost dissappointed im not on