The Infamous Hard Alley

The Infamous Hard Alley
Second Life's Original Sin

Monday, January 31, 2011

The School Girls Gone Bad Detention Facility Anniversary

This week marks the 4th anniversary of the School Girls Gone Bad Detention Facility.

I built the School in Jan, 2007, about six months after I started Hard Alley.  At that time Hard Alley had become a fairly big success and was at the top of the Popular Places list.  I was hoping to prove to myself that Hard Alley had not just been a fortunate accident, and that I could create another site that was as successful as the Alley.

After a lot of thinking and searching to find an idea that no one else had tried, I settled on the idea of a "Reform School for Girls".  The idea came from my RL Boss' daughter, who was in reform school at the time.  She was a hottie and I could imagine her in there, being traded for cigarettes.  Of course, school girl outfits are a big plus, too.  Cheerleaders, sex with teachers, spankings, abusive guards... it all started to add up to a really great idea.

They must be bad, or they wouldn't be here.
At the time, I was married in game to Ananisa Fitzcarraldo, and she was after me to build something on her land for her to run.  Since I didn't have room for the new idea on the Alley's land, I built it on Ana's.  The initial build was more prison than school, with barred cells and detention rooms and places for guards to strip-search visitors.

It started slow, but I knew it was an idea that would catch on, so I kept working on it and improving it, and more and more people started to come.  It wasn't long before it had as much traffic, if not more, than Hard Alley.  The proof of its success was, as with Hard Alley, the number of copy-cat sites that began to spring up around SL.

I lost the School to Ana in our divorce and I have had very little to do with it since then, but it is still there and people are still enjoying it.  I re-created it in my own sim as the Hard Alley Reform School, which is closer to my original vision than SGGBDF is today.

Happy Anniversary!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

It's On Like Donkey Porn!

Today is Election Day in Hard Alley!  We are voting a new Mayor into office.  It's been a brutal campaign filled with all the cheating and corruption you would expect at Hard Alley, but the campaigning is over and it's time for the citizens of our fair sim to cast their votes!

The candidates are:

Trixianna Saenz, Manager of the Hard Core Sex and Strip Club
Donovan OHanlon, Leader of the Haud Pluvia Clan
Kane Landfall, Insane and abusive Hard Alley Security
Dr. Lilith Revnik, Hard Alley's resident sex doctor

The office of Mayor is primarily a Role Playing one, but the new Mayor will also be working with me and the Hard Alley City Council to help improve Hard Alley over the next year.

If you read this before Midnight, Saturday, Jan 29, then you still have time to go cast your vote!

UPDATE - Due to a design limitation in the Voting Machine, some people were allowed to vote twice.  I have canceled this election.  There will be no Mayor of Hard Alley.

Candace Love You LONG Time!
In other news, I was goofing around in Photoshop and made a logo for the Hard Alley Horny Sluts group.  Candace will be so proud!  LOL!

Monday, January 17, 2011

First New Porn Film of 2011!

After a break of over 4 months, Candace and I have returned to the business of producing SL Adult Films.

Our latest move is called "Serving it up HOT!".  Candace stars as Candy, a waitress that dreams of becoming a famous porn star someday. Until then, she serves up hot meals and hot sex in the sleaziest Diner in Hard Alley...


We hope you enjoy it.  We enjoyed making it.  We're currently developing other movie ideas and hope to have our next out in a few weeks.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Sexiest Awards

First, let me thank Emanuelle Jameson for coming up with the idea and working so hard to produce the first awards program for the SL Adult Film community.  She did a wonderful job and has been a true inspiration to the entire community with her creativity, enthusiasm, and kindness.

You can read about the winners here --->

Let me also thank the Judges, who worked a lot of hours watching a lot of porn (harder than it sounds).  Each of them gave of their time and did a wonderful job in giving their honest evaluation of each movie in each category.  I can assure you that they were all fair and impartial, and none of them were "bought" or "gotten to" as a couple of people have implied.

For those of you who don't like the job I did managing the judging, YOU handle it next time and give up nominating your own movies as I did (which was very unfair to Candace, since she did an outstanding job in my opinion and deserved as much recognition as any other actress).  Candace, you will ALWAYS be my Best Actress!

Thank you to all the nominees!  The movies were all very good and deserving of recognition and they should all be proud of the work they have produced, even if it didn't win an award.

Now...  the drama.

Sore losers... sour grapes... whiney little bitches...

I was very disappointed, but unfortunately not surprised, when the bitching started even before the ceremony was over.  Crying and whining and moaning about unfairness and pouting and quitting the group all smacks of immaturity and unprofessionalism.

Did you ever stop to think that maybe you didn't deserve to win?  That maybe someone else created a better movie?  Duh!  Suck that ego in for a moment and let that thought sink in.   I'll wait.

Do you want to win an award?  Then work hard and be innovative and try to improve and add something new to the community.  Otherwise just don't enter your movie.  Then no one can tell you that you aren't the best.

In other words, "Grow Up."  No one likes a sore loser.  This community is sick of the whining and drama.

To end on a positive note, I would like to quote some of the comments the judges made.  I will not say which judge said what, but I think you should all hear what they had to say.

"Great combination of picture and music. I've never seen someone playback in SL before!"

"A talkie! And what a great voice that narrator has. Great movie!"

"The video-editing is awesome. Brilliant! The images tell the story."

"The voice makes the movie, great idea."

"Thin story but a nice dialogue at times. Hot!"

"Lovely movie, nice storyline, good work!"

And next year's will be even better.