The Infamous Hard Alley

The Infamous Hard Alley
Second Life's Original Sin

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Women are from Venus, Men are Pussies!

Women get just as horny as men.  Probably even more so.  In fact, I am sure they are hornier than men.

She is here and wants to FUCK.
When I first opened Hard Alley, most of the visitors were women.  They loved the idea behind it and were excited about it.  That is, until they realised that there were no men.  I didn't understand it.  I had thought the Alley would have several guys hanging around, all waiting to pounce on the rare, unsuspecting girl that teleported in out of curiosity, so I was floored when I discovered that the opposite was true.

Even today, girls outnumber the men in the Alley four to one on average, and only one in ten of those men can even remotely Roleplay.  Trust me... if you can emote better than "you wanna fuk?" and have at least SOME sense of roleplaying a scene, you can get laid in Hard Alley.

Where the fuck are all the MEN?

They have all been turned into PUSSIES!

Somewhere in the last 50 years, modern society has reduced men to quivering, scared little pussies that are afraid of offending women.  They have been taught that they must show a sensitive side or be ridiculed as a chauvinist.  They have been conditioned to the idea that women are empowered and in the process, men have abdicated their belief in their own authority.

She doesn't want him to cuddle.
First off, I love women, and I respect them.  I think anyone who knows me will vouch for that.  But that doesn't prevent me from being dominant and even agressive when the situation calls for it.  In my real life, my wife and I are equal partners and I respect her opinions even when she's obviously wrong.  Which is most of the time.  But there are times when I have to make decisions that are in the family's best interest and she supports me in that.  Anyway, I respect women.  So don't get your panties in a wad. (that goes for men and women)

Okay, so we all know what happened and why.  And while John Wayne and Clark Gable may be rolling over in their graves, it has been good for women overall.  Except in the bedroom.  And especially in Hard Alley.

Does it surprise anyone that I have to send a notecard out monthly REMINDING guys that Hard Alley is for Fucking?  And that most of the women there WANT to be taken and used?  And that women don't want to be ASKED if they want to be raped?

She isn't here to be treated like a lady.
Guys:  Learn to Roleplay.  No one is going to want to just fuck you.  There are sims with big rooms full of poseballs for that.  Girls come to Hard Alley expecting a story to unfold.  BE the man in their story!  Make their fantasy unfold!  Take charge and lead them through to an ending that leaves you BOTH satisfied.  Don't ask them (it doesn't take a genius to tell if she's saying "no," because she doesn't want to play, or if she's saying, "no" because she's roleplaying a victim).  Don't treat them like ladies, unless that is the scene you are both playing.  Don't be gentle or shy.  And for Heaven's sake, don't join the Gang Bang club if you are scared of having sex in public!

I really try hard to encourage guys to step up to the plate and be MEN.  To get their dicks out of their panties and show these women what it's like to be FUCKED and not made love to.

It's getting better.  I'm seeing more and more guys that can Roleplay and are not afraid to drag a girl into a dark corner of the Alley.  I am seeing more and more gang bangs and rough sex.  And with each one I feel that I have in some small way helped my gender recover some of the manliness we have lost.  With each cum-drenched woman left laying on a filthy mattress I feel I have made some small stride in the de-pussyfication of man.  It's a lonely fight, but someone has to do it.


Anonymous said...

LOL WTG babe! You've been needing to write this blog for awhile now. I'm glad things are getting better though, and that men are being de pussifyed!

Anonymous said...

Maybe if most of the women in hard alley weren't actually real life men, the men would be more interested in fucking around there.

Hard Rust said...

Anonymous, I believe the real women of Hard Alley, many of whom are on voice, would disagree with you. I've noticed that this argument is usually posted by guys that can't get even the fake women to fuck them. "No one will fuck me, so they must not be real girls, not because I'm a total loser."

~ Chrystina Foxdale ~ said...

I swear, some days I could walk the Alley from one end to the other, stark naked, and not get an offer.
I'm willing to play with almost anyone, at least once, even newcomers. I rarely make the first move, but I'll set myself up in a situation-rich environment.

I was delighted, the other day when I was "raped." It wasn't long, it wasn't involved, but it was fun.

Suff Lockjaw said...

To Anonymous: Really?? Boy, most of the women in HA that I have spoken with, I have also spoken with on Voice.. and those are some of the most feminine-sounding men I have EVER spoken with in my life, if you are right.
I have to agree with Hard on this one (wait, I normally DO agree with him)... the ONLY men I will not fuck in Hard Alley, are
1) people who look like they just walked off Welcome Island
2) people who have freebie cocks still
3) people with bad attitudes who set off the "stalker/asshole" alarms in my head.

Me, personally, I am about to start going wholly hunter-type in HA... too many scaredy-cat delicate-sensibilitied little boys hiding under tattoos....

Hard Rust said...

Just for future reference, if you are too much of a pussy to post your name and not hide behind Anonymous, your comment probably won't get published.

Alexus said...

Hello Hard, i didn't know about the situation in Hard Alley. I just visited It once ( But count with me in your lonely fight. I'll try to go often to H.A and fuck as many girls as it's possible.


Ainsley said...

Oooh, if you're going to come visit, I'll be a more regular attendee, Alexus!

I have to agree with you, Hard (and several other posters). I can walk around wearing next to nothing and not get so much as a "hi", let alone any action!

What's a pornstar to do?! ;)

Alexus said...

I'll see you there Ainsley ;-)

Billy said...

I read this post last week and made a mental note to make a first visit to Hard Alley... well, too much whisky & beer, and I forgot about it until a friend mentioned Hard Alley yesterday.
I'll be checking it out this week!

Anonymous said...

Tis sooo true... loved the article an I am all woman.. so far 3 walk up 3 walk away..not man enough I guess, The article is great!!