The Infamous Hard Alley

The Infamous Hard Alley
Second Life's Original Sin

Monday, December 8, 2008

Business or Pleasure?

Most nights I am faced with this question. Business or Pleasure? As I dance at Hard Core, or wander the Alley, the lovely ladies that dance for me constantly catch my eye. But they are hard at work, earning tips and keeping customers happy. Wouldn't it be wrong to pull them from the stage and drag them off to my private chambers to have my way with them?

On one hand, I want my girls to make nice money. They work hard and deserve the reward. Its not easy to dance for hours and try to flirt and converse and be cheerful and sexy, and let's face it... in this economy, the tips are drying up. It would be bad to interfere with them while they are actually pulling in those few rare coins.

On the other hand, I, too, fall prey to their charms. And as their boss, it is my duty to sexually harass them as much as I can. Sometimes that involves pressuring them to come satisfy my carnal needs. After all, it IS my Alley, and they work for me. I pay a lot of money each month so other people can have sex. Shouldn't I get some, too, even if they miss a tip or two?

So the question remains: Business or Pleasure?

Luckily the question has been answered in the last day or so. Two of my girls have decided to be twins, which leaves me with the brilliant plan to leave one to dance while I have my way with the other. To be fair, I'll have to alternate which one stays and which one submits to my lust, but I am nothing if not fair. :)

Don't you love it when problems just work themselves out?

Now the question is: How do I get them both into my room at the same time?