The Infamous Hard Alley

The Infamous Hard Alley
Second Life's Original Sin

Friday, December 16, 2011


Merry Christmas!  After the success of our first Hardcore Hunt, the lovely Naiya Valeska has outdone herself by organizing a XXX-Mas hunt that's even bigger and better!  Naiya has worked her ass off to get this hunt ready for you and it all begins DECEMBER 17, 2011!

We will be hosting a HUGE kickoff party/Christmas Party on the 17th.  The party starts at 6PM SL time at BarbieDollz, home of Tempestuous (one of the Hunt Designers who makes some amazing jewelry), and moves to Hard Core (located in beautiful Hard Alley) at 8PM.  The party won't stop until the last person passes out!

Cum celebrate Christmas and the start of this Hunt with a bang!  Landmark givers for both clubs are located at both sims or you can IM Hard Rust for them!

As before, stores participating are always subject to change.  People have emergencies and might need to drop out.  I am sure we all most of us understand Real Life supersedes Second Life.

NOTE:  When you enter the first sim which will be Hard Alley you will land in the skybox above the actual sim.  There will be a "HardCore XXX-Mas Hunt" sign teleporter up there.  Just touch it to get teleported down to the Alley.


This list will be updated as often as possible to provide you with up to date information.  Please bookmark this page and check here first before posting questions in group.  IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS OR NEED HINTS, join the HARD ALLEY GANG group and post your questions there.


1. Hard Alley
HardCore Sluts Association
Hint: Slide your ass onto a stool and tell me your deepest secrets, while I pour you a strong one.
2. Carrie's Lingerie
Hint: On a cold winter night the sky is often CRYSTAL clear.
3. Spirit Store
Hint: Xmas is comming
Spirit Store
4. Krasota
Hint:Grab one of the candies
 5. Purpur
Hint:on the top of white...
 6. KristicA
Hint:check up the walls
 7. Vassnia
Hint: walk from the entrance to the right, keep walking till you find the KINKY&SEXY area of the store.
8. Innovation Corp
Hint: Whats for dinner... Santa?
Innovation Corp
 9. Innovation Games
Hint: You Devil!!! Go Hunt for your gift!!!!
Hint:  " see the terrace "
11. Tempestuous
Hint: "Among the snow an Angel sleeps and dreams of her last kiss
        Around the trees she gently fades to die amongst the mist."
12. Razorblade Jacket
Hint:Check out the new skirts
13. Love Interiors
Hint: Ooooo we do like to be beside the seaside!
14. LK Design
Hint: Illuminated
15. SA
Hint: sometimes its right in front of your face
16. Roosters & cHix
Hint: What a Child hunts for on Christmas morn, when tiny hands gnash, clash and throw them presents about, they turn and see, a sweet and sticky surprise high up in that tree...
17. Serenity Creations
Hint: Its Not a Box
18. Ol' Dirty Bastards
Hint: Look Up :D
19. zORIE's Ritze Gestures
Hint:  Rollercoaster
20. Beautiful Dirty Rich
Hint: :O looks like the elephants forgot to bring your gift
21. Captivity Co. Poses
Hint:" She's got legs"
22.  Stone Misery
Hint: Look at all those paintings on the wall...
23. Fierce Designs
Hint: oooh...naughty AND nice!
Fierce Designs
 24. Purple Poses
Hint: a red curtain can hide many desires.
25. Sweet Sin
Hint: have more candy .... find the right
26. SilVerLine
Hint: Have a look on the floor ..... it s inside the store area
27. Bound & Bitten
Hint: Multi Hunt Hint giver at TP landing
28. Splash
Hint: find many ears to hear better...
29. [NV] Elite Skins
Hint: The pandas would be pointing in the right direction.
30. Thirteenth
Hint: use my machine baby
31. Shadow Dreams
Hint: eat who on what?????
32. Kabuki Creations
Hint: Feels like a King (Top floor, nawty room)
Hint: Must be exhausting to look for all those gifts....sit and relax!
34. D&R Designs
Hint: After looking around the shops "Go on up past the flag and look around inside...but remember that Buddha *loves* candy, so you won't find a cane in any room where he's sitting!"
35. Before Sleep
Hint: Is that bear wearing a hat??
36. D'Sastre Clothing
Hint: All gifts are near the tree.
37. Gifted Poses and Witlle Gifts Poses
Hint: Amour's Diary
38. Dark Desires Custom Tattoos
Hint: Will have hint giver on sign
39. Sinister Stuff
Hint: We must build from the ground up
40. ..::RO!ACT::..DESIGNS
Hint:  I hide between Cathedrals
41: Framed Soul
Hint: im jus gunna go upstairs and hide in a corner!
42. PeKaS Designs Gorean
Hint: look on the big pics around the store
43. Xia's Boutique
Hint: Behind this piercing all by itself.
44. iRRegular iNventory
No Hint
45. Nocturnal Needs
Hint: Dont look the tiger in his eye.
46. [AhMuSeD XpresNz]
No Hint
Hint: Please click the hint giver on the Embody Info Center near the front of the store.
48. .:Pretty Little Things:.
Hint: Find Santa for your little helpers.
Hint: The Spanish queen is so hot.
50. Erotic Torment
Hint: Doctor Frankenfurter said: "Come up to the ___ and see what's on the ___." (fill in the blanks) ;-)
Hint: Suspended by chain... I wish that were me!
52. Pretty Lady
Hint: possibly:  Are you one of Santa's Naughty little elf's??
53. HybridZ
Hint: where the cool winds blow
 54. Irrisistible Shop
Hint: I'm late !!!!!!!! I'm always late for go to the queen heart castle :o
55. PDN's Potpourri
Hint: How can the blankets be naughty and nice?
PDN's Potpourri
56. Kennedy's
Hint: Gift Cards work for Everyone!
57. ZERO COOL  Designz
"It's cold at the Nordpole!"
58. Lushish Catz
Hint: Cute pink kitty
Lushish Catz
 59. BlueMoon Creations
Hint: The naughty mistress got it
60. Hot Dolphin Love Animations
Hint: Don't stand on me!
61. Z&A Productions
Hint: You'll feel at home if you have a green thumb.
62. zibber's designs
Hint: keep your grappling paws off me.
Hint: With this hot set you will conquer the world  and a few girls too.
 64. BOS Clothing & Lingerie
Hint: The Nightwitch knows!
65. The Family Jewels
Hint: i get sleepy looking into the fire in the fireplace
66. Les sucreries de Fairy
Hint: I love Cheshire Cat
67. Touch it!
Hint:You look for something very hot, don't you? Is hell fire hot enough?
68. Lok's Low Prim Furniture
Hint: Sweet Naughtiness is sometimes the best naughtiness, and that's why you'll find this candy cane nestled in a heart bed.
69. Janzoe
Hint: Light a fire behind the organ
70. ~*~Souzou Eien~*~
Hint: Don't Choke!
71. Dani's
Hint: I just love Burlesque Santa especially if they are Red.
Hint: I am where my dreams are
73. New York's Finest Apparel
Hint: Santa has a naughty or nice list, I am nice n naughty and need to be Oh La La Spanked
74. Theme Walkers By Hax
Hint: Tis the season
75. Touch Mia
Hint:  This one is 'Just For You'
76. Adult Style
No Hint
77. IB Designs
Hint: As you look out over the bay, you'll find hidden below

Monday, October 17, 2011

It's Hard!

Did everyone enjoy the HardCore Hunt?  I know I did!  I'm glad it's over, but it was a lot of fun and Naiya Valeska and Maezy Magic deserve a lot of praise for all their hard work organizing it and running it.  Naiya is already working on HardCore Hunt:  XXX-Mas!  Keep reading here or checking Hard Alley Gang notices for more info!

Coming Soon to a Sex Sim Near You!
Now, I have decided to share some of my always wonderful advice with you, my dear readers (all 3 of you).  You don't have to take my advice, but your Second Lives will be sooo much happier if you do.  My advice is for both the men and women of SL.  I'll start with the men.

First off men, don't be a douche bag.  Just because you can log off when things get heated and jump onto an anonymous alt, doesn't mean you should.  If you leave someone hanging because you couldn't man-up and deal with whatever situation made you panic, then you are a douche bag.  Don't lead someone on, letting them think you are really into them and want more than just a quick fuck.  There's NOTHING wrong with just wanting sex, just make sure you are up front with the girl and tell her that's all there is to it.  Trust me, girls in SL enjoy sex, too.  You don't have to lie to them or lead them on to get in their pixel panties.  ADVICE FOR MEN:  BE HONEST!

Women, have some self-esteem!  While I know that a lot of women who play SL do have low self-esteem in RL for whatever reason, SL is a clean slate!  It's where you can be a self-confident, proud, and strong woman!  ALL of you have this ability within you, even if you don't see it in yourself.  Each of you, in your own way, is a full, complete person on your own, and you are not defined by how others see you, or if you have a man (or woman) in your life.  Men are turned off by women who constantly put themselves down and belittle their own self-worth, just as they are turned on by strong, confident women.  If you find yourself saying, "no one likes me", then THAT is probably why!  ADVICE FOR WOMEN:  BE CONFIDENT!

Now, if we can just get the thoughtful, honest men together with the strong, confident women in a place where they can explore their new outlook on (SL) life.  Oh!  I know!  Hard Alley is the perfect place!  True love has blossomed there before!

If you have met your soul-mate... your true love... in Hard Alley, please leave a comment below!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Below is a posting from Naiya Valeska, organizer of the HardCore Hunt!

"Hey HardCore Hunters This is Naiya, I came up with this fantastic idea to get some stores involved in something a little naughty for a change promoting their stores and Hard Alley.  We have an amazing list of designers from clothing, tattoos, animations, furniture, and even gestures we hope you will have as much fun hunting as I had putting this together for you.

I also had a lot of help from the amazing Maezy, which she is involved in the hunt too as one of the stores she has donated a lot of her time effort and made you all something special, also we cannot forget the owner of Hard Alley itself, Mr. Hard Rust, a very amazing man who has decided to host this hunt and have multiple events during the hunt for everyone's "Pleasure."  [I like this part.  Notice the word "amazing"!  *grins*]

Now there will be a list of hints, landmarks, store names going out in the group for the hunt which is (Hard Alley Gang) please join for help, no outright asking for locations, be respectful and no fighting. Also for ANY and ALL Questions and concerns contact me NOT the designers they are busy and have other things to do I will try my best to help you. 

Knowing all this I am sure you have all heard that X-cite! is participating and I know all of you are super excited this is X-Cites first hunt. Unfortunately and I understand it's not like they need the traffic so because they have very busy busy schedules they were nice enough to contribute to the hunt another way. They sent me a good number of gift cards and we will have "4" events hosted at the Hard Core Sex and Strip Club, and on these nights there will be contests and a lucky winner will receive one gift card.  I understand you all wanted your own personal gift from X-cite! but if you own a store or know somebody that does, you know they get super busy, and it was very generous of them to make this donation.

NOW: Just a reminder stores participating are always subject to change people have emergencies and might need to drop. We all understand Real Life supersedes Second Life. [Real Life?  What is this "Real Life"?]

ALSO: Another side note when you enter the first sim which will be Hard Alley you will land in the skybox that leads down to the actual sim.  There will be a "HardCore Hunt" sign teleporter up there.  Just touch it to get teleported down to the Alley and there you will find a box with this list and the promo package for the hunt which is 2 different colored tank tops.  They are unisex and FREE! Check this blog for updates and changes."

There will be parties at Hard Core starting with a bash this Friday night, Sep 16, to kick off the Hunt! Other party dates will be the Sep 24, Oct 7, and Oct 16.

UPDATE! Stroker Serpentine from Eros has donated his hot selling SexGen Summer Bed as a prize! This will be given out during the final HardCore Hunt party on Oct 16!



0. Hard Alley START
Click the Huge Sign!!!! (TP down to the sim)

1. KL BDSM Store
Try looking in another direction "Whores not Wars"

4. Elite Skins & Shapes *::[NV]::*
Something in her mouth

5. .::ClimMax::. Magazine
Reach your climax inside the Rubix cube

6. .::ClimMax::. Store
it hurts

7. Warm Animations
next to the MM Board

When opening a P_ _ _ _ _ _S box, there is always a consequence.
Tempestuous Prize for Ladies
Tempestuous Prize for Guys

9. ...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::...
I wanna F*ck Government Hooker

10. LK Design
Three of a kind, is where it's hidden behind

11. Alter Ego
I really dont think Spunk needs to drink anymore!!!!

12. [VoiD] (SKIP)

13. SeXXXieGesTures
Look Over, UNDER, and Above :)

14. Holli Pocket
Bottles are great for accessorizing higher beams!!

15. CatniP (SKIP)

16. SilVerLine
Have a Look on the floor ... its inside the stor area :)

18. Xclusives Animations
If you are looking for something hard,
Maybe ANAL or DOGGY is right up your Alley.
But when you get there be careful of what you do,
Someone might TAP THAT ASS for you.

19. *RoTtEn DeFiAnCe*
naughty girls have to sit in the corner.

21. Kennedy's
Even though summer is almost over....Check out Kennedy's bikinis....and you might find your gift!

So manny boxes and only 1 bootle? Damn...i really need get drunk.

24. BabyDoll's Sexy Lingerie
What you seek is with the leather and latex

25. Carrie's Lingerie
Grab a handful and show your support of Carrie's!

26. Xplicit Furnishings
' Lost something?...i always check the fridge '

27. Vels Gothic Boutique
I blend into the sky

28. "xXx"Treme Fashion Designs
The lights shows you the way to the safe side on naughtiness.

29. Cynful Designs
The view from here is spectacular!

30. Fallen Gods Inc. & Libertine
No Hint

31. v3 Tattoo
Don't Drink and Ride

32. {Ms. B. Designs}
OH YEAH, I like it hardcore!

33. ChiXcksMayB
where there is smoke.....

34. Lok's Low Prim Furniture
In sand, go to the picnic table and you will be able
to spot the naughty gift that's sure to give your tool a lift.
Or if you're of the female sex; you might just have a panty mess ;)

36. MadScience Laboratories
"I'm on a boat, motherfuckers!"

37. Sassy!
You're such a tease.

38. HardCore Sluts Assoc. / House Of Ill Repute (At Hard Alley, in the Club & Brothel)
Hint for Gift A: Fucking dammit, bartender has been drinking on the job AGAIN? And the special edition shit too.

Hint for Gift B: One minute I was dancing drunkenly on the poles, the next minute, my face was buried in the middle of the pillows on that filthy bed up there! Damn, he was HUGE!

39. zORIE'S Ritze Gestures
Walk through the mushrooms to the Naughty

40. Motherfunken
Look hard to flush out the prize!

41. Bound & Bitten
Look in Sex equipment room for the prize

42. -=Whitewolf Ink Tattoos=-
Some dragons guard a treasure more worthy then gold

43. Devilish Designs
Plants give oxygen.... and FREE stuff too :P

44. EDELFABRIK Sexy forever!
Naughty girls and boys waiting in the corners...

I am in a very sexy place.

47. FuK'N'Hawt
Like ya momma always use to say "dunt sit to close or make your eyes go blind"

48. Bullwinkle (SKIP)

49. Captivity Co. Poses
you cant find me hanging around

50. << Barbie Bitch >> (SKIP)

51. DQ Skins
Next to the eyes!

Do not forget to checkout register

53. PlasticAcid
I want to be naughty but I best be good

54. Shadow Dreams
it's mine... allllll mine!

55. RoscaMade
Time flies when you're bombing everyone
NOTE!  If you found Item #55 (Roscamade) previous to Oct 3rd, the item you got is broken.  Please send a notecard to Calvin Rosca with your name (not display name) as the notecard name, and you will receive a working replacement.   You could also come back to Hard Alley and pick up a new one by getting the bottle again.

56. Hard Alley END

Monday, August 15, 2011

Heaven and Hell!

Don't worry!  This is not going to be some deep philosophical post concerning the afterlife!

Hot on the heels of the success we've had with the monthly Cycle of Sin parties, Hard Core and BarbieDollz Nightclub are announcing the Heaven and Hell parties, to be held on the third Saturday of each month.

The party starts from 7-9pm SL time in "Heaven" at BarbieDollz where everyone can dress angelic and show just how sexy innocence can be.

Then the party moves to Hard Core where we'll all raise "Hell" and bring out your inner demons, doing all the sinful things we can!

Great music, hot bodies, fun costumes, and all the sexy naughtiness you expect from BarbieDollz and Hard Core!

Our first one is August 20, 2011!  See you there!  IM Hard Rust or Tempest Jewel in game for landmarks, or hit one of the Heaven and Hell posters in either club!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What is Hard Alley?

On July 26, 2011, Hard Alley turns 5 years old.  The Alley was SL's first roleplaying sex site and pioneered the urban forced fantasy genre.  For a lot of people, Hard Alley was their introduction to SL sex sims, and through the years it has been the inspiration for many other good quality sites.  But what is Hard Alley, really?

Hard Alley is fantasy.  First and foremost, it's a place where like-minded individuals can come together in a safe environment and explore their sexual fantasies.  No one is really "forced" to come to Hard Alley, and no one is forced to participate.  They come because they want to and because they enjoy it.

Hard Alley is perversion.  There are many themed areas around Hard Alley, providing settings for many different types of sexual fantasies to be played out.  Public sex, gang bangs, strippers, and more await the adventurous.  Are there limits?  Yes, of course there are.  Hard Alley does not and will never condone under-age sexual activity.  You won't find much in the way of skat or snuff.  Mostly you'll find good old rough sex, and lots of it.  Don't like it?  Bend over and I'll show you how I feel about your opinion. *winks*

Hard Alley is fun.  Nearly every night we get together in the Hard Core Sex and Strip Club and party.  People come to dance, listen to good music, get naked, and more.  There's always a good crowd and everyone is welcome.  Hanging out in the street being goofy seems to be pretty popular, too.  (Just don't let it interfere with people trying to have sex).

Hard Alley is friendly.  It's a place where you are welcome and will be accepted (as long as you aren't a complete dick).  Other sites seem to be centered around a clique of snobs standing around making fun of anyone new.  That will not happen at Hard Alley.  My deepest desire is that everyone be able to enjoy what I have created, and I will not tolerate those who's idea of "fun" is to harass and embarrass others. 

Hard Alley is family.  For five years, the people who have come to Hard Alley have grown to be my friends and family.  Some of you have been with me from the very beginning, like Shannon and Jessica and the always lovable Mary, and some of you are just now becoming part of the Hard Alley family.  Some of you, like Megz and Tempest and Trix and Deka, have worked hard and contributed much to the Alley out of your love for it and expected nothing in return but the satisfaction of knowing you helped make it better.  Many beautiful dancers have graced the stage of the Strip Club through the years, and I never looked at any of you as employees.  You are my girls.  You are part of my family. 

What is Hard Alley?  For most of you, its a sex sim.  For some of you, it's a place to work or hang out.  For me, it's Home.  Thank you for a wonderful 5 years!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

It's All About Me!

Image by Phil Sidek.
Yes, I know many of you have thought to yourself, "Hard Rust is so cool.  What must it be like to be him?"

Here, for your benefit, is some insight into the life of everyone's favorite Sleaze King.

First off, my profile says it all.  I'm a completely rotten, amoral bastard with no redeeming qualities.  And that's my good side.  I am rotten to the core and proud of it.  You won't find me cuddling meeroos or getting in touch with my feelings.

Second, I like sex.  I like it hard and rough.  I take what I want and don't ask permission.

The major benefit to being so completely bad is that no one expects anything good of me.  I don't have to worry about letting anyone down.  There is absolutely nothing bad I can do that would surprise anyone.  It's just more or less expected.

So, now that you know WHO I am... here is what it's like to BE me!

I get lots of IMs.  Constantly.  I usually have about a dozen going at any one time.  Mostly tag requests from people in Hard Alley.  I spend a lot of time managing the groups, and I have a lot of groups to run.  Many more IMs are from girls wanting to work as strippers or escorts in the Alley.  After that comes a lot of general "Hey Hard Hows it going?" IMs.  Honestly, I spend a LOT of time in IMs, but rarely have enough time to devote to any of them properly.  So if you've ever been in an IM with me and felt I wasn't giving you my complete attention, I probably couldn't.

I spend lots of time fixing things and cleaning stuff up.  Sex toys break and need to be reset.  Sex toys don't always put the balls away.  People drop things that don't get returned.  If you happen to see me in the Alley TPing from one place to another quickly, I'm cleaning stuff up.  I usually spend this time sending out late notices to renters whose rentals have expired.

I have to help host events at Hard Core.  Each night we have a two hour party at the club and I try to be there to spam announcements and bring people in.  I try to make everyone feel welcome which means constantly looking for new arrivals.  Being in the middle of the club means I'm getting slammed with IMs (see above).  Between the IMs and trying to keep up with greeting people coming in, I have no time to read Local Chat, so if I miss something you say to me in Local, that's why. 

I spend a lot of time thinking.  Mostly trying to come up with new ways to improve Hard Alley and make it more enjoyable for everyone.  I've also been spending a good amount of time coming up with  some ideas for porn videos.

I fuck when I can.  Yes, even with all that going on, I try to make time for myself.  Unfortunately, it's not as often as I'd like, and definitely not as often as the hundreds of women in SL who want to ride my cock would like.  Trust me, I am trying to get around to each of you.  See Above for reasons why I haven't yet.

This is what it's like to be Hard Rust 75% of the time.  A lot of work.  A little fun.

The other 25%?  That's the times when I'm caught up on the work, I'm not in IMs, no parties need hosting, and I am completely and utterly alone.

There now.  Don't you want to be me?

Monday, May 2, 2011

It's a Twister! It's a Twister!

I was lucky.  Wednesday, April 27, was unbelievable.

We had already had a couple of Tornado Warnings as early as 6am that morning, but we kind of blew them off.  I was sleepy and I grew up in the South so Tornado Warnings were not terribly alarming to me.  For the last few years, most tornadoes had tracked north or south of us and 1989 was the last time one hit close (just a mile from my office, it wiped out my father-in-law's apartment building and killed nearly 20 people).  I had grown complacent and barely talked myself into getting up to check the weather reports.

By the time I had the TV on, the storm had already passed but had done some major damage to the south of us.  At this point, the TV Weather people were saying we were in the clear until around 3-4pm, when they expected the worst of the storm to hit.

Schools were delayed a couple of hours so I stayed home from work and took my son to school around 10am.  The skies were already looking strange with that greenish glow that anyone who lives in tornado prone areas would recognize.

An hour later, they announced school would be letting out just after noon because of the weather.  I finished what work I could and went to get my son.  By the time I got there, we were under another Tornado Warning and as it is school policy not to release kids under a warning, I and a hundred other parents sat in the parking lot, waiting.  The sky to the west was pitch black.  That wasn't good.  The rain started off heavy and got worse.  Within minutes it was so thick I could not see the car in front of me.  The hail started to pound the car so hard I thought the windows would break.  I could not see it at the time, but trees (big trees) were snapping and even coming up by the roots all around us.  Ten minutes later it cleared up and fifteen minutes after that they canceled the warning and school let out.

It wasn't a tornado, but only because it never touched down.

The rest of Alabama was not as lucky as I was and those students and other parents were.  Tornadoes ripped through nearly every part of the state and killed and destroyed on a massive scale.  I lived through the 1974 Super Outbreak, and this was worse.

Other than hail damage to the car and roof and some fallen trees, our biggest problem was having no power for five days, since the tornadoes decided to destroy over 80 power transmission lines feeding north Alabama.

With no power, stores could not open.  People could not get gas or food.  The water treatment plant was on a generator, so water was limited.  All phone lines (land or cell) were out, so finding out if your relatives and friends were okay was nearly impossible.  The local radio stations were our only way of knowing what was going on and how bad things really were.

It was a recipe for disaster and chaos.

Instead, it was one of our finest hours.

Within hours of the storms and the blackout, grocery stores were opening back up, running on generators, staying open as long as they could to allow people the chance to stock up on food and water.  Thousands of volunteers from all over the state and other states began to arrive and help out.  Power was restored to the badly overburdened hospitals and the water treatment plants.  The radio stations kept everyone informed as to where they could get food and gas and when power might be restored and where to bring donations and where to go volunteer.  Neighbor helped neighbor with whatever they needed to get by.

Slowly, we are recovering.  Last night the power came back on at our house.  Tomorrow I'll go back to work.  For me, things will be almost back to normal.

I was lucky.  Thousands of people in Alabama and several other states were not.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The State of the Sim

As we approach Hard Alley's Fifth Anniversary this July,
I thought I'd talk about the current state of the Alley and some of the events going on.  I've been out of game a lot since early March and haven't been as active in the Alley as I should have been.  Real life is also getting very busy now but I am going to try to be in game stirring up trouble as much as I can.  Hard Alley is going strong with good traffic and plenty of people having sex, rocking parties at the strip club, and great people hanging out and having fu.

Here are some of the events going on now at Hard Alley:

Parties every night at the Hard Core Sex and Strip Club!  Every night between 8pm and 10pm SL time we get naked and naughty to some great tunes spun by even greater DJs.  This is a great time to cum join the fun and get to know your fellow Hard Alley perverts!  New people are always welcome!  Nothing is too naughty for Hard Core, and sex on stage and on the dance floor is not uncommon.  This is the one place in SL where no one will judge you for being a slut or a man-whore!  You can be yourself and cut loose and do whatever makes you happy.  Cum be part of the fun!  IM me or our beautiful Club Manager Trixianna Saenz if you are interested in a job stripping or DJing.

The Gang Bang Club is always open and ready for Action!  There are no couple sets here.  This club is strictly for threesomes, foursomes and more!  Leave your shyness (and your clothes) at the door and let yourself enjoy the thrill of group sex with strangers!  IM our Gang Bang Princess, Deka Teardrop, if you are interested in becoming one of our "Elite" Gangbangers... the ones we call when there's a "private" party.

Lynden Labs is open for business!  Cum explore my parody of the company that brings SL to life!  Visit the office of the CEO of Lynden Labs and discover his secret plans!  Hang out in the Break Room and goof off!  See the disgusting Restroom/Customer Service Department!  Shudder at the horror of the Furry Creation Labs!  Marvel at the technological wonder that is the Main Grid Server Room!

Cycle of Sin is our Monthly Multi-Sim party that starts at Eros, moves to BarbieDollz, and ends up at our own Hard Core!  Party with us for the hottest 3 hours in SL on the first Saturday of every month!

Have you ever wanted a dream date with Hard Rust?  Now is your chance!  Click on The Dirty Rotten Bachelor sign in Hard Core and fill out your application today!  Will the Dirty Rotten Bachelor choose you?  If he does, you know you'll be doing things you don't want your boyfriend to know about!  Nor responsible for any doctor's visits or shots required after the date.

There are some areas in Hard Alley that need help!  These are great places to play but need someone to help them be more active!  Are you interested in helping out and making Hard Alley a better place for everyone?

The Hard Alley Reform School is struggling!  With nearly 800 members you would think School would be in session all year 'round, but too often this institution of naughty learning sits empty.  I need someone who can get some roleplaying action going in the school.  Organize RP classes, hold a Prom, have Cheerleader tryouts... there are a lot of ideas that I just don't have time to manage.  IM me if you are interested in becoming the School's "Warden".

The Rode Hard Biker Bar is a biker bar without a Biker Gang!  If you have Biker Gang without a Biker Bar, IM me!  Use of the Biker Bar is free and I'll put your gang's logo up and help you customize it to fit your needs (within reason).  I'll even throw in several sluts to be fucktoys for your gang!

The House of Ill Repute needs a new Madam!  Our previous Madam is unable to spend enough time with it to make it work, so she has stepped down and the position is now open!  The Brothel is RP only and not an actual escorting business (although if the girls negotiate a deal on the side that's ok).  If you are interested in running a Victorian style brothel, IM me!

Hard Alley is only as much fun as YOU make it by visiting, playing, and helping it be the naughtiest sim in SL!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cycle of Sin a Success!

Last night we had the first Cycle of Sin party and it was a huge success!  The party started at Stroker Serpentine's Eros and then moved to Tempest Jewel's Barbiedollz, and ended up at my own club, Hard Core!  The sims were packed and there was lots of nudity (of course) and sex (openly at Hard Core, in IMs everyplace else, I'm sure)!

Huge thanks go out to my partners in crime, Stroker and Tempest, and extra licks for Tempest for filling in as DJ at the last minute during the Eros party!  DJ Dreams and DJ Dade (formerly DJ Shade) were also invaluable for keeping the crowd pumped all through the night!

If you missed this one, don't worry!  We'll be having these on the first Saturday of every month.  This is a great say to get to meet a lot of new people who all enjoy having fun, getting naked, and being naughty!

Here are a few of the pics from last night's event.  The full set of pics can be found here.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Cycle of Sin!

Announcing a hot new monthly party starting April 2nd, and taking place the first Saturday of every month!

The Cycle of Sin is a roaming party through SL's hottest, sexiest, and naughtiest Clubs!

The Cycle of Sin party will start at 7PM SL time at Stroker Serpentine's Eros for some hot, sexy fun.  At 8PM the party moves to SL's hottest new club,  BarbieDollz where Tempest gets the crowd pumping and turned on.  Then at 9PM it moves to Hard Alley for the last hour of hard core nudity and sex.

Each club has its own dynamic DJ spinning all the best music!  There will be lots of hot, sexy dancers and more than enough nudity to make sure everyone has a great time.

Stroker Serpentine, Tempest Jewel, and Hard Rust will be there through the entire party, at each site!  When SL's three biggest pervs get together, you know its going to be HOT!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

All Good Things...

We all know that nothing in SL lasts.  Everything in it will come to an end sooner or later.  There are times when you have something you wish would last forever, but it won't.  You can understand the reasons.  You can even agree that it's for the best.  It won't help.  Something special you had is no more.  You just have to enjoy it while you have it, miss it when its gone, and hope that the emptiness in your heart someday heals.

I will always love you, Candace.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Announcing Our Next Project!

The next big project from Hard Candy Productions will be an on-going series called, "The Hung and the Restless".  It will be a soap opera style production with a main running plot and several side plots, and a cliffhanger ending each episode.  There will be plenty of sex, scandals, drama, and more sex.

Through this episodic format, we will be able to use more actors and actresses through the introduction of new characters and side plots.  We hope to not only use existing celebrity pornstars in guest roles, but also introduce the community to many new performers.

Only a few roles have been cast so far...
Hard Rust as Hard Rust, strip club owner
Candace Flossberg as Candy Rust, his wife
Jinx Jiersen as Lionel Messy, strip club manager
Joey Bluestar as Sugar Loving, a stripper
Jon Helfer as Jon Lynden, CEO of Lynden Labs
Filming begins in March.