The Infamous Hard Alley

The Infamous Hard Alley
Second Life's Original Sin

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ruler of All I Survey

I bought an island.

Hard Alley is fast approaching its 3rd anniversary and in that time it has grown from a 10x30 meter skybox to an entire sim of decadance and perversion. Nearly all my sick fantasies can be played out in one area of the Alley or another, and I am slowly running out of ideas for new ones.

For me, Hard Alley has always been more about having fun than anything else. I've tried to make a place where people can play and enjoy hanging out. I want the people that visit the Alley to feel welcome and free to explore their fantasies without fear of harassment or judgement.

Most of all, I want Hard Alley to be a place where friends come together and talk and laugh and enjoy each other's company. I want it to be their home as much as it is mine.

Moving into our fourth year, we face several challenges. The Lindens are not going to make it easy on adult sites. Restricting the ability for people to find us in Search, along with strictly enforcing age verification (I am against under-age sexual play, but this will kill many of the alt characters that people use in Hard Alley because their mains are too "respectable). The increased cost of a full sim is a challenge, but for now we're doing okay. Only time will tell if we are able to sustain enough revenue to keep going.

The biggest challenge, though, is keeping things fresh. I have done my best over the last three years to keep changing and adding to the Alley enough that it always has something new to offer. I am fortunate to be surrounded by the best bunch of perverts in Second Life, and they are always inspiring me to do better.

A large part of Hard Alley's continued success lies with my Club Manager and best friend, Megz Ling. She is the heart of Hard Core and keeps the place rocking and full of life. She is the magnet that draws the zany cast of characters that populate my bar stools each night. I can't express how much I appreciate all she does for me and the Alley.

Did I mention the zany cast of characters? Skat, Taka, Calie, Zach, Mega, Mal, Biancajade, Sarajane, Viv, Allie, Calvin, Yulia, and so many others keep me cracking up with their wild antics and distrubing humor.

My beautiful dancers. Without them there would be no Hard Core Sex and Strip Club. They are my girls. :)

Hard Alley is my home. These people are my family.

Oh yes (for tradition sake), Mary Baphomet wants to have my illegitimate children.