The Infamous Hard Alley

The Infamous Hard Alley
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Monday, February 7, 2011

Lights! Camera! Action!

Hard Candy Productions Logo
Candace and I have started our own Adult Film Production Company.  It's called Hard Candy Productions and we currently have several ideas we are working on.  We are generally slower at producing films than most other outfits, but running Hard Alley takes the majority of my time and we'd rather take our time and put out good quality movies than rush out a bunch of crap.

Our goal is to make fun movies that people enjoy watching.  Movies with interesting stories and characters.  Movies with a touch of humor.  Movies with lots of hot sex.

Our first movie under this new company is a joint venture with Ainsley Wirefly's company, Sick Bubblegum.  Ainsley and Groove Taurus wrote the story and Ainsley and I are co-Directing.  Look for it in you online theater soon!

Scene from the movie "Hard Rust: Sex God"
There are some other projects Candace and I have in the works that we are really excited about and I'll be blogging about them as soon as it's appropriate.

Are you an aspiring actor or actress looking to break into the SL Porn business?  Here is my advice for you!

1.  Make sure you are HOT and well equipped!  Noob avies and freebie dicks won't get you cast.  Anyone willing to spend about $20 US dollars to buy about 5K in Lindens can fix up their avie to pornstar levels.
2.  Join the group ***The Pornstars***.  Seldom a day goes by that director's don't put out a casting call looking for new talent.  If you want to break into the business as an unknown, that is your best bet.
Production Still from "Hard Rust:  Ruler of Hell!"
3.  Hang out with the pornstars.  Joining the group is also good for finding out where the pornstars party.  Hang out with them.  Be cool.  Be Sexy.  Tell them how awesome they are and how much you love their movies.
4.  Have sex with directors.  Seriously, the casting couch is an age old tradition that will get you in the door.  Just make sure the director you are fucking actually produces movies.

Speaking of casting couches... mine is open and I am willing to fuck any hot actress that wants to throw herself at me.  No promises that I'll put you in a movie, but having sex with me might improve your chances!  *grins*

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