The Infamous Hard Alley

The Infamous Hard Alley
Second Life's Original Sin

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Where the Fuck have I been??

I haven't posted any wisdom since February!  How did all my loyal followers get by without me?

I'm trying to think of a good excuse for not posting, but really it all boils down to me just being lazy and not wanting to think about what to write.

However, I know how much you all love reading every jewel that flows from my fingertips, so I'm back to share with you my always correct and never questionable views on some topic that is obviously of great importance to you, even if you didn't know it was important until now.

So today's topic is... Hot Girls That Won't Fuck You:  Snobby Bitches, or Men Behind the Avie?

Obviously, I never have any trouble getting the hot girls to fuck me, but I know a lot of men do, and I know this question runs through their head.  While I do not believe the standard line that all women in SL are actually men, some of them are.  Of course, I can tell immediately, so I never have to worry about this issue.  But due to SL being a high-tech dress-up doll simulator, I think the majority of women in SL actually ARE women.  There are tell-tale signs to look for when trying to spot the chick with a dick.

1.  Huge Boobs, No Waist.  If they are top heavy and then ultra stick skinny the rest of the way down, they are probably a guy.

2.  Lack of clothing coordination, especially shoes.  Women know how to dress.  In RL and SL.  Guys don't.  Unfortunately, guys will probably not catch this clue.

3.  Women that want to have sex with you immediately.  No hot woman will want to fuck you without a chase and some ball-busting teasing.

4.  Women that actually tell you they are a RL guy in their profile.  Seriously, this one is easy.  Read ahead, guys.

Chance are, though, that the main reason a hot chick won't fuck you is that they are just fucking snobby.  If they have gone to all the trouble and expense of making a super hot avie, they aren't going to waste their $5000L pussy on your $10L miss-colored dick.  You may be the king of cyber, but unless you show the same interest that she shows in making avies look good, you have little to no chance.  Can't really blame them, can you?

Bottom Line:  Some bitches just aren't going to fuck you.  Get over it.  Chances are I already fucked them, so if you really want to know if you missed out on some really hot sex, IM me.