The Infamous Hard Alley

The Infamous Hard Alley
Second Life's Original Sin

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hard Alley: A Retrospective, Part 2

So here I was, on my third avatar, ready to escape the world of drama and settle into a nice cozy skybox. With no job or relationship, I had plenty of free time to wander SL looking for booty calls. And that is what I did for the first few weeks. I just drifted from free sex site to free sex site fucking as I went. I returned a few times to old familiar places, but big rooms full of pose balls eventually grew boring and I began to look for other avenues of excitement.

That was when I stumbled across a group called Forced Fantasy. It sounded fun, so joined it. For about a week, the group chat stayed silent, but my curiosity grew, so one day I popped into group chat and asked where the group played. That is when I found out that the group had no place to play, which explained why no one was playing.

That's when I started to think about where I would have like to have played, if the group had indeed had a place to play. A dark, secluded alleyway in a dirty, run-down city. The kind of place where no one cares if they hear a cry for help. It had to be an alley. No one ever drags their victim into a shopping mall or a shoe store. They drag them into an alley.

I booted up Photoshop and started working on textures. Starting off with Bricks and adding graffiti and torn posters and locked doors and shattered windows... In an hour, I had enough textures to line the walls of my skybox (which was small and fit onto a 512m First Land parcel). After adding concrete to the floor and stars to the ceiling (you can't have a good forced fantasy in the sunny afternoon), I set out a few of my favorite sex pose sets in strategic places.

Now the alley was all done. I set the land for public access and started to turn on its ability to be found in Search when I realised it needed a name.

This was pretty easy. I had chosen the name Hard Rust just because I liked the sound of it, but now it lent itself to my new creation... Hard Alley. Another few minutes in Photoshop to create a street sign/logo and I was all set to open it to the public!

The first thing I did was send a message to the owner of the Forced Fantasy group. I offered them my skybox alley as a free play area for the group. No strings attached.

They turned me down. I still have no idea why.

Even without the official endorsement of the Forced Fantasy group, I figured 2-3 people a week might pop in and use the place. Needless to say I was surprised when I was getting 2-3 people an hour. What was even more surprising was that 90% of my guests were women! There weren't enough men to keep them satisfied! I knew I had to do something to lure more men to the site or it was all going to go bust. Out of sheer luck, one of the women that came to the site, Cathy, offered to help me out. Cathy stayed in Hard Alley every minute she could, fucking any man that teleported in. Within a week, the site had a steady balance of men and women playing, and I was beset with my next problem...

Hard Alley was too small.