The Infamous Hard Alley

The Infamous Hard Alley
Second Life's Original Sin

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hard Alley: A Retrospective, Part 1

Someone got me thinking tonight about Hard Alley and how it all started. For those of you who are interested, keep reading. The rest of you should go surf for some porn or something.

Hard Rust was actually the third avie for me. The first avie, Adrian, had found his way into SL by way of a friend who quit SL two days later, but not before showing me how to get to The Sex Club, one of the more popular hangouts at the time. Even though I was a complete noob (noob hair, noob clothes, noob skin), the dancers there were nice and welcomed me in. Within a week I was dating the Club Manager. She bought me a nice 3000L skin and made me a stripper at the club. Thus began my long association with strip clubs and sex sites in SL.

Within 6 months, I had to abandon Adrian due to numerous indiscretions. It was time to start fresh without a dozen women hunting me down to rip my nuts off.

So I created Zoom. I always loved the name Zoom. Zoom started off with nice clothes and nice skin and prim hair. And what was the first thing Zoom did? He went back to The Sex Club. Upon teleporting in, he was approached by two women, a brunette and a blonde. The brunette offered him a job stripping and told him that all employees were allowed to fuck the blonde as a job benefit. Seeing as I had no means of income at the time, and that the blonde was completely hot, I accepted. Over the next 2 months, the roles reversed and the blonde too the reins of the operation and set up a large house as a brothel/club. I personally helped her place every sex pose ball set in the house. During that time, she and I began a relationship and became partners and co-managers of this sex club. I met a lot of people during this time, including our next door neighbor Suzanna, who would go on to create City of Lost Angels (inspired by Hard Alley).

The club was a critical success but a business failure. People loved it but it could not support itself financially. After a brief (5 day) marriage, we parted and I left the club and she left SL.

The Sex Club was virtually dead so I spent several weeks at Heaven Above the Clouds where I met my next lady. Together we created a very classy strip club that did quite well. I actually built this one. It turned out really nice and it got me interested in building more.

Unfortunately, that relationship ended, and once again I decided to abandon my avie Zoom and start life anew. This time, I would avoid relationships. This time, I would avoid any noteriety. This time, I would quietly remain anonymous and all would be well.

So I created Hard Rust.

End of Part 1.


Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting for Part II

Mary Baphomet said...

*starts munching on popcorn*