The Infamous Hard Alley

The Infamous Hard Alley
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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Announcing Our Next Project!

The next big project from Hard Candy Productions will be an on-going series called, "The Hung and the Restless".  It will be a soap opera style production with a main running plot and several side plots, and a cliffhanger ending each episode.  There will be plenty of sex, scandals, drama, and more sex.

Through this episodic format, we will be able to use more actors and actresses through the introduction of new characters and side plots.  We hope to not only use existing celebrity pornstars in guest roles, but also introduce the community to many new performers.

Only a few roles have been cast so far...
Hard Rust as Hard Rust, strip club owner
Candace Flossberg as Candy Rust, his wife
Jinx Jiersen as Lionel Messy, strip club manager
Joey Bluestar as Sugar Loving, a stripper
Jon Helfer as Jon Lynden, CEO of Lynden Labs
Filming begins in March.


Aurelia Lionheart said...

Looking forward watching that!

Rayven Baily said...

Cool concept. Though I think overall the SL Porn community is dying out, maybe this is something that can give it a injection of live. Good luck.

Ehl said...

Very much looking forward to this!

Allison Weaver said...

Pick Me ME ME!