The Infamous Hard Alley

The Infamous Hard Alley
Second Life's Original Sin

Sunday, March 6, 2011

All Good Things...

We all know that nothing in SL lasts.  Everything in it will come to an end sooner or later.  There are times when you have something you wish would last forever, but it won't.  You can understand the reasons.  You can even agree that it's for the best.  It won't help.  Something special you had is no more.  You just have to enjoy it while you have it, miss it when its gone, and hope that the emptiness in your heart someday heals.

I will always love you, Candace.


Mary Baphomet said...

I'm here for you if you need anything baby!!

Anonymous said...

You two had something special. I'll miss seeing that. Yes, sometimes you just have to let go and move on, even if it's painful.

Quinn Ying said...

You were beautiful to see together an you'll still be beautiful now for sure. Stick with your beloved ones, they deserve all your time and affections. <3