The Infamous Hard Alley

The Infamous Hard Alley
Second Life's Original Sin

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The State of the Sim

As we approach Hard Alley's Fifth Anniversary this July,
I thought I'd talk about the current state of the Alley and some of the events going on.  I've been out of game a lot since early March and haven't been as active in the Alley as I should have been.  Real life is also getting very busy now but I am going to try to be in game stirring up trouble as much as I can.  Hard Alley is going strong with good traffic and plenty of people having sex, rocking parties at the strip club, and great people hanging out and having fu.

Here are some of the events going on now at Hard Alley:

Parties every night at the Hard Core Sex and Strip Club!  Every night between 8pm and 10pm SL time we get naked and naughty to some great tunes spun by even greater DJs.  This is a great time to cum join the fun and get to know your fellow Hard Alley perverts!  New people are always welcome!  Nothing is too naughty for Hard Core, and sex on stage and on the dance floor is not uncommon.  This is the one place in SL where no one will judge you for being a slut or a man-whore!  You can be yourself and cut loose and do whatever makes you happy.  Cum be part of the fun!  IM me or our beautiful Club Manager Trixianna Saenz if you are interested in a job stripping or DJing.

The Gang Bang Club is always open and ready for Action!  There are no couple sets here.  This club is strictly for threesomes, foursomes and more!  Leave your shyness (and your clothes) at the door and let yourself enjoy the thrill of group sex with strangers!  IM our Gang Bang Princess, Deka Teardrop, if you are interested in becoming one of our "Elite" Gangbangers... the ones we call when there's a "private" party.

Lynden Labs is open for business!  Cum explore my parody of the company that brings SL to life!  Visit the office of the CEO of Lynden Labs and discover his secret plans!  Hang out in the Break Room and goof off!  See the disgusting Restroom/Customer Service Department!  Shudder at the horror of the Furry Creation Labs!  Marvel at the technological wonder that is the Main Grid Server Room!

Cycle of Sin is our Monthly Multi-Sim party that starts at Eros, moves to BarbieDollz, and ends up at our own Hard Core!  Party with us for the hottest 3 hours in SL on the first Saturday of every month!

Have you ever wanted a dream date with Hard Rust?  Now is your chance!  Click on The Dirty Rotten Bachelor sign in Hard Core and fill out your application today!  Will the Dirty Rotten Bachelor choose you?  If he does, you know you'll be doing things you don't want your boyfriend to know about!  Nor responsible for any doctor's visits or shots required after the date.

There are some areas in Hard Alley that need help!  These are great places to play but need someone to help them be more active!  Are you interested in helping out and making Hard Alley a better place for everyone?

The Hard Alley Reform School is struggling!  With nearly 800 members you would think School would be in session all year 'round, but too often this institution of naughty learning sits empty.  I need someone who can get some roleplaying action going in the school.  Organize RP classes, hold a Prom, have Cheerleader tryouts... there are a lot of ideas that I just don't have time to manage.  IM me if you are interested in becoming the School's "Warden".

The Rode Hard Biker Bar is a biker bar without a Biker Gang!  If you have Biker Gang without a Biker Bar, IM me!  Use of the Biker Bar is free and I'll put your gang's logo up and help you customize it to fit your needs (within reason).  I'll even throw in several sluts to be fucktoys for your gang!

The House of Ill Repute needs a new Madam!  Our previous Madam is unable to spend enough time with it to make it work, so she has stepped down and the position is now open!  The Brothel is RP only and not an actual escorting business (although if the girls negotiate a deal on the side that's ok).  If you are interested in running a Victorian style brothel, IM me!

Hard Alley is only as much fun as YOU make it by visiting, playing, and helping it be the naughtiest sim in SL!

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