The Infamous Hard Alley

The Infamous Hard Alley
Second Life's Original Sin

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Big Changes

Anyone that has been a regular to Hard Alley knows that I am constantly changing things, trying to keep it somewhat fresh. While there have been many changes to the Alley lately, the biggest change is that Ananisa and I are no longer married. Three weeks shy of our second anniversary I told Ana I wanted a divorce. I won't go into the reasons behind it here. I still love and respect Ana, and we remain close both in RL and SL, and she still runs the School and manages Hard Core.

With the help of several friends and trusted advisors, the other changes at Hard Alley have been showing some great results. Traffic is up and people are having sex again. My dancers are making great money in the club and having a good time. The School is packed and traffic is nearly 40K each day, up from 20K a month ago. I owe a lot of thanks to the people that have been helping and sharing their feelings and advice on how to make Hard Alley a better place.

I will be hard at work keeping things new and interesting... trying to keep it fun. If you read this, stop by the Alley and say "hi". Tell me what a great job I'm doing, or tell me I suck. Either way, it will be nice to know how you feel. :)
Oh yeah, no blog is worth reading unless it mentions just how awesome and amazing Mary Baphomet is. Mary is teh koolest. She really needs to let me have sex with her so I can share in the wonderment that is Mary. Hail Mary!

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Megz said...

Sorry to hear about you and the Mrs.

Good to hear traffic is up. Traffic is improving at my place too. I swear it has something to do with summertime. Anyway best of luck with it all and I wish you many happy humps.