The Infamous Hard Alley

The Infamous Hard Alley
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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Roleplaying 101: Short Fantasy Scene Part 1

First Contact!

There is probably nothing EASIER and nothing more CRITICAL than first contact with another player for roleplay.  Your first line spoken (even if in IMs, although it's traditional to start contact in local chat), sets the stage for everything to follow, and needs to grab the person's interest and not make them groan in despair as they reach for the Mute button.

/me tries not to be too obvious as his eyes feast on the
gorgeous nurse...
Bad Form!

Example of what NOT to do:  "Hey baby u r hawt wanna fuk"

First off, learn to spell and punctuate.  People are turned off immediately by functional illiterates.  If you can't get past this issue, you should probably be playing something that doesn't involve typing, or thinking. 

/nurse smiles slyly as she notices the lustful looks from the
handsome doctor.  "Yes, Doctor.  I'd be happy to assist you."

LUCKILY, I know all Hard Alley guests are highly intelligent and motivated players who have a firm grasp on language and grammar.

Now that you are prepared to use ALL the keys on your keyboard to form whole words and sentences, the question is... What do you say? 

/me takes the beautiful Nurse into the exam room so he
can begin examining her.. "I have a small problem..."
THINK Before You Speak!

Start off in character!  We cannot emphasis this enough!

Hopefully you have a fantasy scene in mind that you'd like to play out with this person.  You're not just randomly asking for sex are you?  No?  I didn't think so!

With your fantasy in mind, think about how it might start.  What would your character say to his/her character?  Are you a policeman questioning a suspected shoplifter?  Are you an executive calling for your assistant to take dicktation?  Is he/she a doctor who can treat your erectile dysfunction?

Make your opening statement count!  Make it part of the scene you want to play, and if they other person is interested, then you have just started your first Short Fantasy Scene!

/nurse feels her knees going weak as she notices the large
bulge growing in the doctor's pants.  "Of course. I will
be happy to help you take care of your problem."
OMG They Responded!  What Do I Do Next?

Keep going!  Act it out!  Part of the fun in roleplaying is making things up as you go.

Do your best to make the scene interesting and keep it moving.  Don't let it stall out and die.  Adapt to the things the other player says and does.

He or she might have a different idea as to how they think the scene should proceed, and that's okay!  Whether you lead or follow, the scene will be fun and exciting when you are BOTH bringing your creativity to it.

Success is in the flow!  Keep the exchanges flowing.  If you take too long to reply, people are going to get bored and move on.  If you have something in real life to do, ((that would be the time to use the OOC type to let them know that you will indeed be back in whatever amount of time, or that you have to go, but would love to continue another time)).

The RP does not need to be super long paragraphs (Para-RP.  See Previous Blog Post).  Just think of how people would really reply in such situations if they were real, and give a one or two sentence reply each time!  Put forth some effort and it will be great for everyone, and people will WANT to RP with you more often.

The word of good RP'ers gets out there! 

Are you ready to take it to the next level?  Next up,
Short Fantasy Scene Part 2:  Making Your Move

This Roleplaying 101 Series is co-written by Spirit Eleonara.

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