The Infamous Hard Alley

The Infamous Hard Alley
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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Roleplaying 101

What is Roleplaying?

Roleplay, or RP, is simply pretending to be someone else.  You might pretend to be a doctor, or a politician, or streetwalker.  You can pretend to be anything.  It's up to you!  Pretend to be something you find fun and interesting.  Something that real life just does not let you do or be!

Long Term Character Story vs. Short Fantasy Scene

There are two main forms of roleplaying.   A lot of people like to take time to develop their character and create a full history for them and really get into the details of how that character would act and react in any situation.  This is usually done on sims that encourage Long Term Character roleplaying.  In these settings, you might spend weeks acting out a complex scene.

The other type of roleplaying is usually acted out in a single encounter, and is designed around more simple fantasies that can be played out quickly without the need for detailed character stories.  Hard Alley encourages this form of roleplay, allowing players to get into a Short Fantasy Scene easily and bring it to "climax".

Wow!  A Hot Nurse!  I would love to roleplay
a Short Fantasy Scene with her!
While Hard Alley is set up for Short Fantasy Scenes, we allow players to choose the kind of roleplay that interests them.  The only roleplay that is strictly prohibited at Hard Alley is that involving underage sexual encounters.

Long Term Character Story may have recurring roleplay relationships and interactions that are on-going.  Short Fantasy Scene may involve people you know from both roleplaying and non-roleplaying, giving you the opportunity to try lots of different scenes and fantasies.

A Quick Note About OOC

OOC stands for Out Of Character, and is used when you want to communicate in a non-roleplay manner.  OOC is usually kept within double parentheses.  For example:  ((BRB.  I have to take this phone call.))  Some players use IMs strictly for OOC communication.  Make sure to be clear on if the person is okay with roleplaying in IM's before you do.  Roleplay should always start in local.

About Emoting

Emoting is how you describe your actions and feelings to the other players.  Emotes in Second Life are initiate by typing /me followed by what your character is doing.

For example:  /me pulls the zipper on your dress down slowly, enjoying the sight of your flesh being revealed. 

In Second Life, the /me is replaced by your character's name.
/me puts on his doctor's scrubs to get into character!

About Para-RP

Some people prefer "Para-RP", in which each emote is usually several sentences long, similar to writing a full paragraph of text.  This requires patience from both players as it usually takes time to respond to each emote.  You do NOT have to Para-RP!  Your replies should be in full sentences, but even a single sentence will do if you want to keep the scene moving at a nice pace.

Emoting Etiquette

Take turns!  It's usually customary to wait for the other player to respond to your last emote before you emote again.  This keeps the roleplay moving and gives both players a chance to participate in the story equally.

Use quotes to separate what your character is doing and feeling from what your character is saying.

For example: /me takes off your dress and tosses it into the trash.  "You won't be needing that again.  Ever."

Try not to "metagame" or "godmod" in roleplay.  That means that you do not decide what the actions or thoughts are of the person with whom you are roleplaying.
/me approaches the lovely nurse with a confident smile on
his face... "Nurse, I need your assistance in Exam Room 3."

For example:  Spirit Eleonara leans back and watches as you writhe in pain from the slap that was just administered across your face. You like how the slap feels as she hits you.  "Take it!" she purrs.

Instead you leave things open for the other person to react and decide what their character does.

For example:  Spirit Eleonara takes a step back, she reaches a hand back in a swing, aiming for your face, hoping to land a blow that will leave a mark. "You son of a bitch..." she growls as she swings.

NOW it is up to you to react.  If someone decides your reactions for you, the rp is not much fun....what is the point?

Are you ready for your first scene?  Next up, "Short Fantasy Scene Part 1:  First Contact!"

This Roleplaying 101 Series is co-written by Spirit Eleonara.

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