The Infamous Hard Alley

The Infamous Hard Alley
Second Life's Original Sin

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hard Core Halloween!

October is my favorite month.  Halloween is my favorite holiday.

Halloween is a big event at Hard Alley.  I've been decorating the sim and getting ready for several Halloween events.  The lovely and talented Summer Seale has provided me with some of her wonderful decorations and they add a lot to the atmosphere.  Several Alley regualars are already getting into the spirit of the holiday, dressing up in costumes, wearing their finest pale grey skins, and sharpening their axes and icepicks.

Some of the events we have planned include the Annual Hard Alley Costume Party at the Strip Club and Ghost Story Night at the Cemetary.  I'm toying with the idea for a zombie gang-bang, but don't have any details yet.  I'll be making announcements through the various Hard Alley groups as to where and when these events will be taking place.

Here are some pics of the Alley decorated up for Halloween.

Takashi and Chrystina looking pale and undead...

The Giant Pumpkin looms over the town square...

Halloween at Hard Alley

The Hard Core Strippers giving out Candy...

Hard Core goes Orange!

The Ghost Story Campfire in the Hard Alley Cemetary...

 Hope to see you all there!  Happy Halloween!

1 comment:

Amykins said...

I love it now come do mine :P it's my favorite month and holiday too