The Infamous Hard Alley

The Infamous Hard Alley
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Monday, January 20, 2014

A New Year, A New Direction...

The year 2013 ended badly.  I had a costly series of repairs (washing machine, hot water heater, heater, new tires, new battery, etc) that burned up nearly $2,500 that I didn't have.  My wife was let go from her job just 4 days before Christmas.  Our son's cat was diagnosed with cancer (luckily he made it through Christmas, although he passed just last week).  And that was just Real Life stuff.  Shit happened in Second Life, too.

But 2014 is a new year and things are changing (at least in SL)!

I have more people helping out in the Alley, to take some of the load off me and to help give me some fresh ideas.  Jadelyn McAuley and Ryann Hendrassen are now Co-Managers of the Hard Core Sex and Strip Club.  Jackson Greycloak is their DJ Manager.  They've hired several new DJs and Strippers and are filling the schedule up and keeping the parties going.  They all have a lot of great things planned and it's going to be a lot of fun for everyone so I hope you all come out and party with us!

Jadelyn, Ryann, and Jackson
Hard Core also has a new look and a sex lounge area.  Everything is warmer and more inviting and, as always... anything goes!  Hard Core also has, courtesy of Spirit Eleonara, the newest Intan version 3 Couples Dance ball, full of hot dances and even hotter sex!

Hard Core Sex & Strip Club
There are major changes coming to the rest of Hard Alley as well!

The old Gang Bang Clubhouse is gone!  It's been bulldozed and replaced by a Seedy Motel, an underground Boiler Room, and a brand new Frat House.  You can rest assured that the horny guys of Delta Iota Kappa (DIK) will be partying hard with the girls of the Reform School (and any other girls that happen to wander too close).

DIK Frat House and the Hard Luck Motel
Thanks to some generous donations from some of SL's best designers, there are a lot of other brand new mesh sex items replacing the old prim ones.  New sex bleachers in the Reform School Gym, new Office Cubicles in Lynden Labs, and a new Meth Lab in the Boiler Room.  These are just a few of the changes that have been made already, and we have much more planned for 2014.

As always, if it's in Hard Alley, you can probably fuck on it.
Roleplaying is getting a boost as well.  We'll be continuing the Hard Alley vs Faction war and NOTHING is scripted or pre-planned, so ANYTHING can happen and I'm excited to see how it all unfolds.  We'll be working to get RP started in several other areas of the Alley as well.

Hard Alley Roleplaying
The Hard Alley website will be getting a whole new look to it as well!  A professional web designer has volunteered her services to re-do the site completely and bring it up to date!  It will be THE place to go to get the latest schedule of Hard Alley events and RP information.  Look for more on this major change very soon!

There have been some personal changes for me as well in this new year.  Some of you have already noticed that after 2 years Naiya and I broke up just before Christmas.  While all break ups are rough, Naiya has found new happiness and I wish her the best.  Nai and I remain good friends, and she will still be coming around the Alley occasionally.

And that brings me to the biggest change in my SL...  Spirit Eleonara.  Many of you already know Spirit from Hard Alley where she DJs and runs the Brothel and the popular Seams and Dreams Burlesque Show.  Some of you may know her from her amazing photography work on Flickr and on her own blog "Images from... the Spirit World".  Spirit has been of invaluable help to me around the Alley over the last few years, and for the last year she was also a beloved Pet to Naiya and I.

With all the changes that have occurred in the last month, Spirit and I have grown even closer and have realized just how much we care for each other.  I love Spirit, and she loves me... despite that fact that I'm a completely rotten bastard.  *grins*  I am hers and she is mine.

Spirit and Hard
2014 is going to be a great year at Hard Alley.  I hope you are all there with us.

(Pictures by Spirit Eleonara, Jadelyn McAuley, and Hard Rust)

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colleen said...

Best wishes for the coming year in SL and in RL! The Alley is looking amazing!