The Infamous Hard Alley

The Infamous Hard Alley
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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Something That Pisses Me Off

Those of you that know me, know that I am usually very laid back.  I don't get upset or angry very easy.  However, there are things that piss me off, and I'm going to steal YOUR time to rant about it.


noun\ˈklēk, ˈklik\ : a narrow exclusive circle or group of persons; especially :one held together by common interests, views, or purposes

Example:  "that clique refuses to even talk to outsiders at their lunch table"

I have heard this word used several times in reference to groups at Hard Alley, usually from people that stand on the fringes and never make an attempt to interact with anyone else.  They simply hover silently in the shadows and get upset when no one notices them or includes them in the conversation.  Then they get in MY IMs and tell me how cliquey the Alley is because no one talks to them.  They complain that all the "cool kids" are hanging out on a platform way above the Alley and that it must be some secret private club, and how snobby we are to exclude everyone else.

This pisses me off.

First off, it's not my job to make sure these people are included in everything that goes on in Hard Alley.  Nor is it my job to make sure that other people befriend them.  My job is to provide a fantasy environment where people can create their own fun through roleplay, partying, sex, etc.  I cannot MAKE people popular.

Now, to address some misconceptions.

Hard Alley is, in my opinion, one of the most welcoming and friendly roleplaying sims in SL.  We party nearly every night and everyone is welcome, and no one is excluded or ignored.  We don't pull people into the conversation, but everyone is welcome to jump in.  We make a lot of new friends that way.  We have a lot of sex that way, too.

Party at the Hard Core Sex & Strip Club where everyone is welcome!

The platform way above the Alley is mostly used for photoshoots and as a place where I can build things for the Alley before installing them.  My wife, Naiya, and our Pet, Spirit are up there a lot, too.  They both use it for photoshoots and to get dressed for events.  It is the only semi-private place in the Alley, but no one is excluded.  Anyone that wants to join us up there just has to ask.  I've never refused anyone.  Trust me... watching me build and watching Naiya choose what hair to wear is NOT exciting.  You are not missing much.  It is definitely NOT a Secret Club.

Naiya and I on the "Secret Club" platform, which is just a big blue prim.

Hard Alley is NOT a place where everyone just stands around only talking in IMs and never saying or doing anything in local.  This is the antithesis of what I want Hard Alley to be.  We ALWAYS talk in local.  Yes, we have IMs going as well, but that is for private conversations.  Most of the chat is in local for everyone to hear and anyone is welcome to contribute to the conversation.

Relaxing at the Hard Alley Beach and chatting IN LOCAL!

Hard Alley does not charge member fees or claim "exclusivity" of members.  We do not enforce a dress code.  We do not exclude people based on gender preference, race (including furries), or ethnicity.  Anyone that wants to come enjoy the sim is my welcome guest.*  

Unnamed sim with dress code, member fees, restricted membership that excludes "undesirables" and where everyone just stands around in silence.

Personally, I never refuse a friend request, and I am always willing to talk to anyone that messages me as long as I am not afk or super busy.  Despite my public image, I am not mean or scary.

Hard Rust is not scary!

We have made many new friends in Hard Alley over the years.  Some of our latest regulars include Evanne, Kron, JD, Lazy, Mae, Castus, Cipher, Harrelson, Griever, Krystel, Zach, Sly, Glory, Wes, Johnny, Gwen, all the Alley Rats Bikers, members of the Faction, and a bunch of others that my old brain just cannot recall right now.

Hard Rust welcomes Mae to Hard Alley.

Does that sound like a "clique"?

Join us.  We have cookies.

Rant over.  PLEASE feel free to comment!

*Hard Alley does not allow underage play of any kind.  If you arrive in an avatar that appears underage, you will be asked to "grow up" your avatar.  Failure to comply will result in removal from the sim.  Hard Alley is no place for kids.


Naiya Valeska said...

Finally, Maybe people who i shall not name will get this message through their thick and ill informed thick heads good job baby <3!

Spirit Eleonara said...

Indeed great post.

colleen said...

BUT you are very scary in that lil pink avatar! :P

Ryann Hendrassen said...

Kind of disappointed I never got my cookies...

Anonymous said...

I share many of the same views as you do Hard, but I must raise an exception to the fact that your photo of the chamber and it's caption is partly inaccurate. We do have a dress code, we do charge member fees but we do not exclude anyone. We are open to all sexual lifestyles and genders. If by "undersireables" you mean people that do not abide by our rules and respect one another, then yes we excluse them.We may share the same issues with people standing around in silence but encourage people to chat in local, but how can you make people talk? You're right in that it's up to the people to entertain each other in a social club, the venue is provided to them to do so. Respectfully, Max Butoh

Anonymous said...

I always have fun when I am in Hard Alley .. :P So loved the post

aka: Minnie Sue

Robert Stein said...

I've been to Hard Alley more than a few times, and I've never found it to be that clique-y. Everyone has been inviting, and the parties that are held often have a great mix of people to talk to.

So I agree with you. It's not a clique. With every sim, there are people to get to know. The environment. Peak times. It's all different for each sim, and it takes time to get to know it- one thing i took into account when i started hanging out (a bit) at Hard Alley, and for the most part, everyone's been pretty fucking welcoming.

All I say is, keep up the good work. That's why I've been attracted to Hard Alley.

Katya Kiopak said...

It's literally years since I last visited the Alley, but great to see Hard hasn't lost his edge. Sadly lurkers are a curse in SL, and the ones that moan are the worst. So I agree 100% with all Hard said. OMG I am going to have to dust off my most revealing dress and come and see you all again very soon. Hugs Katya

Cipher said...

You can pay me for entrance into my Cliche,.. or you can blow me. Either is pretty effective.

colleen said...

It's a delicate balance. Everyone wants to hang out with the BMOC or BGOC. Be part of the *in* crowd . Nothing wrong with that at all but lets not forget that each avatar has their OWN SL. We all want and need that to be respected and it should be.

Last party I attended at the Alley, I had a blast, made some new contacts, had some good chats, keeping the room active in local can be a challenge but its very important especially when its a *party/event*. IMs are gonna happen and it's up to the event person/planner/host/hostess/DJ etc to try to keep local active and engaged. These are things that make avatars return to your venue over and over again, and of course at Hards place everyone expects to see some kind of active sexual roleplay going on even if its just fun sexy flirting in local.

But no one can make you engage or have fun if you land and expect to be drawn in , you have to be engaging as well as a party go'er.