The Infamous Hard Alley

The Infamous Hard Alley
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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Roleplaying 101: Short Fantasy Scene Part 3

Want Some Hot RP Sex?

Ms. Spirit and I have had a lot of fun bringing you this Roleplaying 101 series.  For the last part, we wanted to post a full Short Scene Fantasy for you to enjoy.  Maybe it will help inspire you to take what you have learned here and begin your own journey into the world of Roleplaying!  And remember to roleplay in HARD ALLEY, where there are lots of different themed areas just waiting for you to have fun!

And now... SEX!

Nurse Spirit glances over her shoulder and sees the doctor making his way to her.  She quickly fluffs her hair and adjusts her top, turning to greet him with a warm smile.

Dr. Hard strides casually toward the lovely nurse, admiring her long luscious legs, and the way they disappear under her unprofessionally short uniform... "Nurse Spirit... I could use your assistance in Exam Room 3."

Nurse Spirit watches as the doctor moves toward her, grinning slightly as she catches his eyes on her body.  She moves her hand purposefully across her collarbone, as she keeps her eyes on him.  She realizes he is talking to her and shakes her head slightly..."Oh, yes...of course doctor.." she says quickly and moves with him toward the exam room.

Dr. Hard leads his lovely assistant into the exam room where he quickly shuts and locks the door, turning toward her as she stands, waiting.  He moves closer to her forcing her to back up against the screen, invading her personal space.  "I wanted to talk to you about the way you've been dressing.  It's terribly distracting.  This short skirt, for example..."

Nurse Spirit makes her way into the room and turns to see him shut and lock the door.  She bites her bottom lip slightly as he moves closer to her...butterflies in her stomach.  He moves closer to her and she takes a step back, feeling the screen behind her, there is nowhere else to go.  Feeling his warm breath on her skin, she hears his words and smiles to herself. "Oh, I am sorry...if you would like me to wear something different, I will of course" she says softly, looking down at the floor.

Dr. Hard the doctor grins slyly as he leans in close, smelling her intoxicating perfume.  He wraps an arm around her waist, pulling her in tight against him.  Looking deep into her gorgeous green eyes, he whispers softly as he moves in for a kiss, "What you are wearing is perfect.  I love the distraction."

Nurse Spirit squeaks as she feels his hands pull her closer to him.  She presses close as his voices is soft in her ear...she feels him move in for a kiss and pulls away slightly...looking at him.  "Oh, but I thought that I would just strip out of my clothes right now...I don't want to be a distraction..." she grins as she begins to remove her clothes,  hesitating a moment, looking at him coyly.

Dr. Hard takes a deep, passionately kiss from her before she can react, his tongue invading her mouth... his arms around her holding her firm.  His hands freely move over her body, invading her most private places without regard to her feelings or desires.  He kisses her until he feels her resistance begin to slip away.

Nurse Spirit's words catch in her throat as she undresses, his kiss stopping any protest she may have had.  As her clothes slip from her body, she begins to fumble with his scrubs, pushing clumsily to get them off...wanting to feel his skin against hers.

Dr. Hard breaks the kiss as their fingers fumble with buttons and ties and zippers... clothes being tugged and pulled and released.  He kneels down before her, taking her loose skirt in his hands and pushing it up, looking up at her as he pulls her legs around him, forcing her to straddle his face...

Nurse Spirit watches as his fingers pull at her skirt, it just barely staying on.  Her hands on his shoulders her eyes follow him down as he kneels on the floor in front of her.  She feels her skirt slide up her thighs and moans at the look he gives her before she closes her eyes and leans her head back as his mouth finds her already wet pussy.

Nurse Spirit: "Oh doctor..." she purrs.

Dr. Hard hands grab her ass, pulling her to his face as he grins to himself at her lack of panties, tearing her stockings away with his teeth, removing the only obstacle between his tongue and her sweet pussy.  Hungrily kissing and sucking on her tiny clit, his tongue slips between her moist lips...

Nurse Spirit moves her hands to the back of his head and grinds her hips harder against him as she feels his tongue find her slit.  She begins to rock in rhythm to his licks, her sensitive clit already throbbing. "Oh are going to make me cum too fast doctor..." she breathes, pushing his face harder into her wetness.

Dr. Hard rolls his tongue around her tiny clit as he sucks it harder, feeling her grinding her pussy against his face... his tongue moves back and forth from teasing her clit to sinking deep inside her, savoring the sweet taste of her wetness... his hands roughly groping her curvaceous ass as she wiggles it back against them...

Nurse Spirit moans louder as she feels herself about to cum.  She pushes his face harder to him still as she holds her breath a moment, then explodes as he rolls and sucks her clit.  "!" she moans loudly as she keeps his mouth on her as she cum, her body shaking with each wave.

Dr. Hard drinks her nectar as she feeds it to him, his tongue plunging deep needing to take everything she offers.  The feel of her quivering pussy on his lips as she cums spurs a wave a ecstasy that shoots through his body, fueling his already insatiable desire to have her completely...

Nurse Spirit pushes his head back and looks down at his wet face, breathing heavily she grins..."Well now doctor...I hope you aren't done with me yet..." she shudders again, waves still passing through her.

Dr. Hard grins at her as he licks her sweetness from his lips.  Rising to his feet, he drops his scrubs pants down to his ankles, freeing his thick, erect cock.  Placing his hands firmly on her shoulders, he pushes her down to her knees before him.  "I'm not done with you.  Not by a long shot."

Nurse Spirit looks down at his cock as she kneel in front of him...she licks her lips as looks up at him.  She teases the tip with her tongue, tasting the salty pre-cum that has beaded there....she moans softly...savoring the taste.  She then places the tip of his cock in her mouth, her tongue circling, before then plunging down the rest of the way, feeling him hit the back of her throat, she suppresses a gag before drawing back again.  She lifts a hand to pump his slick shaft as she again plunges her lips over him...sucking and licking  his slippery shaft.

Dr. Hard looks down and smiles as he watches her hand and mouth work his shaft, feeling her warm wet lips gliding along his length... the touch of her tongue setting off unimaginable pleasure... He takes her head in his hands, weaving his fingers through her long black hair as her throat tightens around his cock head... "mmmm yesss I can see why you are the Head Nurse..."

Nurse Spirit giggles softly around his cock and looks up at him, eyes watering slightly....she withdraws his cock from her mouth with a pop.."Head Nurse...I see what you did there..." she grins and plunges her mouth back down onto him.  Her tongue laps at his shaft as her hand pump him, her other one massaging his balls.

Dr. Hard shakes suddenly as her mouth engulfs him once again, nearly causing his rock hard cock to unleash its growing load of cum far too early... his lust for her building more and more with every long deep thrust into her mouth... wanting, and needing, to have her completely, he takes her by the arms and pulls her to her feet, pushing her up against the screen and lifting one of her legs, pressing into her and kissing her passionately as his cock head begins to slip inside her hot little pussy...

Nurse Spirit wipes her mouth with the back of her hand as she feels him guide her to her feet.  "Oh doctor, I was wondering when you were going to fuck me...." she purrs as he backs her into the screen.  She feels his hand on her as he lifts her leg up, opening her wet pussy to him she moans softly as he kisses her, the head of his cock sliding easily into her.  She arches her hips to him slightly and wraps her arms around his neck pulling him closer, wanting all of his cock inside her.

Dr. Hard wastes no time as he plunges his cock all the way up into her wet, waiting cunt, and begins to pump in and out with long, slow strokes, feeling every inch as it slides through her... holding her leg with one hand, his other hand reaches around to grab her ass, groping it roughly as he takes her.  The sounds of their sex no longer secret and quiet, but loud, and growing louder as they no longer care who may catch them...

Nurse Spirit cries out loudly as he thrusts his cock the rest of the way into her.  She feels him stretch her tight little hole, his shaft rubbing against her swollen clit with every pump. "Oh my....Doctor..." she moans and grinds her hips into him harder.  Wet noises filling the room, she feels her own orgasm building once again.  "Doctor, you are going to make me cum all over your cock..." she breathes and presses her head into his shoulder, her nails digging slightly into his skin  as she meets each of his thrusts with her own.

Dr. Hard pounds her hot little cunt feverishly, with every thrust driving as deep as his cock will go, his thickness stretching her tight passage... his hands all over her body as if it were his to use, taking his pleasure from her every luscious curve, even as his lips claim her neck and shoulder... the pain of her nails digging in and her words in his ear only fuel his passions, spurring him on to fuck her harder... faster...

Nurse Spirit cries out loudly with each pound from his cock, her nails digging in a little harder as she gets closer to cumming all over his cock.  She presses her pussy to him, squeezing the length of his cock as he fucks her...pulling him close.  "Fuck...I am going to cum...I am cumming..." she squeals as her cunt grips him tightly and her juices start to flow down his shaft.  "Yes....oh my god....fuck yes..." she pants as her orgasm explodes through her.

Dr. Hard moans loudly as he feels her cunt tightly gripping his meat as her juices begin to rush over his cock and down his balls, holding her tight as she shakes in his arms... he savors every moment as she gives him her cum, giving herself over to him completely, continuing to fuck her until her orgasm begins to subside, them slipping his cock from her and spinning her around, holding her steady with one hand as he pushes on her back, bending her over slightly... her legs part automatically as his cock sinks once again into her tight depths and he starts to fuck her savagely from behind...

Nurse Spirit rests against him for a moment, trying to catch her breath.  Before she can recover, she feels him move her again, flipping her around and plunging his cock once again inside her.  She cries out as he pounds her again, skin slapping against her ass, she yells out as he hits her spot deep within..."Doctor.....fuck yes..." she hisses and pushes back into him as he fucks her hard.

Dr. Hard slams his pulsing cock deep into her hot little cunt relentlessly, driven completely by his wild lust, having his way with her with no thought other than his desire to use her body as his fucktoy.  His thick meat grinds into her brutally as his hands grip her tight by the hips, pulling her back to meet each stroke even as she pushes back herself... "fucckckk yess Nurse... You're going to be my personal assistant from now on... with lots of late nights and weekends and meetings in my locked office..."

Nurse Spirit feels his fingers pressing into her hips and she shudders...not seeming to be able to get enough of his cock she pushes back into him and grinds against his shaft.  She reaches under herself and fingers her dripping pussy, finding her clit still so swollen and sensitive. "I have always wanted to be a personal assistant.." she grins  and closes her eyes as he punishes her cunt.  She continues to rub her clit and turns to look at him over her shoulder..."Are you going to give me your hot cum?" she asks  with a coy smile.

Dr. Hard grabs her by the hair and pulls her head back as he pounds her pussy ever harder... his cock swelling as if in response to her question... every thrust bringing him closer to release... he feels his body begin to shake uncontrollably, every muscle tightening, every nerve on fire... the sound of her voice over the sound of their bodies slamming together over and over and the sight of her ass bouncing as his pelvis slams against it push him over the edge and he tightens his grip and begins to cum wildly, emptying a flood of hot cum deep inside her!  "Fuuckkk yessss cummingg!!"

Nurse Spirit cries out again as she feels him pulling on her hair arching her back into him as his cock slams into her pussy.  Her cries and the sounds of slapping skin filling the room.  She hears his words and moans loudly as he cums in her...feeling its warmth.  Before he can unload all of it inside her, she quickly shifts, to the floor in front of him and kneels, catching the last jolts of his cum in her mouth.  She gently moves her mouth over him..tasting herself and the saltiness of his cum as she licks his cock clean. 

Dr. Hard moans with unadulterated pleasure as her tongue moves tenderly over his spent shaft... his body exhausted, he leans back against the screen and enjoys the sight of her at his feet, his cock in her hand as she kisses and licks it...

Nurse Spirit licks her lips and smiles up at him. "Well now Doctor...I would be happy to assist you anytime..." she says softly.  she rises to her feet and gathers her clothes from the pile on the floor.  She quickly dresses and  smooths out her hair.  She leans in and kisses him  softly, grinning as she walks toward the door. "Now...I have work to do..." she turns and looks at him over her shoulder, smiling. 

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Thank you for reading ROLEPLAYING 101!

This Roleplaying 101 Series is co-written by Spirit Eleonara.

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