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The Infamous Hard Alley
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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Why So Shy? The Pros and Cons of Public Sex

How shy are you (in SL)?  Are you the kind that always makes sure your naughty bits are covered, no matter how sexy you try to dress?  Or do you let it all hang out and let the masses enjoy that hot shape and skin you worked so hard for?  Do you shy away from public displays of affection?  Or will you just grab the first hot looking avie you see and start going at it in the street?

Suff takes it from behind in a hot tub in the street while Adrian snuggles the guy's wife.

Some of us will fuck anywhere.  It doesn't matter where, or who's watching.  If a hot lady comes along and bends over in front of me, I won't think twice about pulling out my cock and having some fun.  (Unfortunately, work prevents me from doing this as much as I want to.)  Of course, by now everyone knows me well enough that they don't think twice about it when it happens.  Some watch.  Some continue on with whatever they were doing.  Very few walk away.  *grins*

Hard enjoys SL Pornstar Kareen during a party.
Then there are those that are a bit more private.  While they may flash a little skin here and there, the idea of fucking in public never crosses their mind.  They may tease and flirt and talk a big game, but when the moment arrives, they teleport someplace private for that intimate encounter.  What's the fun in that??

Carmen gives a guy the best fuck he'll ever get on Hard Core's dance floor.
This is SL.  Nothing you do in SL reflects on the RL you.  You certainly would never DRESS like that in RL, right?  Of course not.  And no one thinks you do!  So if you were to get naughty with someone in public, its not like everyone is going to think, "Oh... he/she's a fucking slut!  I bet they fuck in busy streets all the time!".  So what is holding you back?  Don't get morals on me now!  If you had morals, you wouldn't be reading this blog!

What started as Gang Banging the DJ turned into a full Orgy.

Here are the Pros and Cons of Public Sex:

- Everyone can watch and enjoy.  You are bringing joy to a lot of people.
- You are showing everyone how independent and confident you are.
- You get to show off your superb body/emoting skills (unless you're in IMs)
- It's fucking hot.
- The more slutty/manwhoreish you are, the more dates you will get.
- Public sex helps you lose weight and makes you more attractive.

- Everyone will think you are a slut/manwhore (not really a con.  see above)
- Everyone will IM you while you are fucking and want to talk/bitch/ask to be next.
- Prudes will shun you.  (again, not really a con)

Hard giving Naiya some meat for her birthday.
See?  Scientific evidence that public sex in SL is good and good for you!  Now, get out there and get fucking!  It's time you showed everyone how wild and spontaneous and non-conformist you are!

For help getting over your public sex shyness, all hot ladies report to Hard Rust at Hard Alley.  Be sure to wear a short skirt/dress, no panties.  Bend over and wiggle that ass for best results.

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Alexus said...

I think that a possible Con is the fact that when you are fucking a very hot girl, it appear a lot of jealous guys who start to IM her asking to be the next, or try to mess your good moment playing with the menu of the sex furniture or walking over you. That's why always is good to have an own place if the public place becomes hostile.