The Infamous Hard Alley

The Infamous Hard Alley
Second Life's Original Sin

Thursday, January 8, 2009

And now a word about Education...

The School Girls Gone Bad Detention Facility celebrates its 2 year anniversary this month. It's hard to believe that its been that long but it has. And in that time its been re-built four times (original build, build in new sim, re-build after Ana accidently deleted it all, and re-build into its current design). For over a year it was more popular than Hard Alley, and is still registering students every day. Those students are learning their three r's... reading, 'riting, and rough sex.

Of course, the School has evolved much differently than I had envisioned. I expected it to be a "women in chains" kind of place where girls would be traded for cigarettes and the guards would have their way with the "students". While some of this goes on daily, the majority of role play at the school has been less sexual. Oh well, as long as they are having fun. :)

I don't spend as much time at the School as I do the Alley, but that's only because the School doesn't need me there as much. But occasionally I do enjoy popping over and being the perverted janitor that touches the girls in innappropriate places (All the girls are 18 and over. Hard Alley sites to NOT support ageplay).

I haven't mentioned Mary Baphomet in a couple of blogs, so this is for her: Mary Baphomet + Cheerleader outfit = Instant boner. There. I did some Math. Isn't this educational?

Anyway, Happy Anniversary to the School!

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Mary Baphomet said...

Just when I think I'm out of the spotlight.....